this clairvoyant predicts the great events of 2022 thanks to… asparagus!

Jemima Packington, alias “The Asparamancer” (or literally in French “L’aspergemancer”), has her little reputation in Great Britain. Indeed, this seer has a rather special method for reading the future: she uses a bunch of asparagus! Thanks to his “donations”, Jemima had announced the victory of Boris Johnson and that of Brexit.

Like every year, the asparagus clairvoyant revealed what awaits us for 2022. She sees a “sad” year for the royal family of England which will have to face new scandals. She also assures us that “we will have to learn to live with covid”, that international tensions will increase and that global warming will continue to progress, reports the Mirror.

If these first predictions are rather “predictable”, the clairvoyant also announced some more surprising forecasts. She assures that the Oscar for best film will be for “The Power of the dog” by Jane Campion and that of best actor for Benedict Cumberbatch. On the sporting side, she predicted Croatia’s victory in the World Cup final, marred by serious controversy and a suspicion of cheating.


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