This device hits the cancerous cell with precision

Expressing that the highest quality health service is offered to citizens with the most advanced technology medical devices in Konya City Hospital, which was put into service about a year ago, Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Mehmet Koç said that the newly introduced device to the hospital is one of the newest technologies in the field of Radiotherapy (Radiation Therapy).
Underlining that high-tech medical devices and modern clinical conditions have started to be accepted in Konya City Hospital Radiology Oncology Clinic, Prof. Dr. Koç emphasized that the new radiotherapy device, which is a breakthrough in the tumor treatments of cancer patients, provides patients who receive radiation therapy with the opportunity to recover at high standards. prof. Dr. Koç said, “With the device, which also offers non-surgical treatment in some types of cancer, the treatment area can be determined more precisely and treatment times are shortened, thanks to the safe application of a much higher dose of radiation to the cancerous cell compared to conventional treatments. Thanks to this device, we can apply the treatment we planned to our patients diagnosed with cancer in a way that minimizes the side effects.”
Underlining that there are very new developments in the field of medicine in the world, and the Ministry of Health follows these developments very closely, Prof. Dr. Koç said, “With this device used in our hospital, cancerous tissues are treated while healthy tissues are protected. In other words, we treat our patients while keeping the target area intact while protecting other vital organs. One of the most important features of this device and treatment method is that we can control our daily treatments thanks to the tomography device it has. We call this ‘image-guided therapy’ in the medical field. In this way, our success rate in the treatment reaches its maximum.” He wished that the service to be provided with this device would bring healing to all patients.
Noting that cancer screenings are carried out with great care in the center and districts of Konya, Prof. Dr. Koç concluded his speech by asking the citizens to go to the nearest KETEM (Cancer Early Diagnosis, Screening and Training Center) in their region and have regular cancer screenings.

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