This disapproving look has become one of the most shared memes of all time: it’s on sale and auction starts at € 13,000.

In 2013, Chloe Clem accidentally became an internet sensation when she was just two years old, giving her mother a serious sideways glance, who was filming her reaction on a surprise trip to Disneyland.

It all started when mom Katie announced a surprise trip while filming her two daughters. As her older sister Lily burst into tears, the camera caught little Chloe’s reaction, who was unimpressed. When their mother uploaded the video, it was little Chloe’s reaction that impressed Internet users the most. The video has been viewed over 20 million times on YouTube.

Find the extract in the 2nd minute:

They say nothing dies on the Internet. While for some, being immortalized by memes can be quite embarrassing, others have slowly become social media stars. Today, one of those stars, known as “side-eying Chloe”, is auctioning off her viral meme in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT). It is a “special type of cryptographic token which represents a digital object such as an image, a video, an audio file, to which is attached a digital identity” and this unique token which cannot be replaced by another. .

It was in 2013 that two-year-old Chloe Clem broke the internet with her disapproving gaze, which has become one of the most shared memes of all time. Sitting in a car seat with a pink top, the little girl has gone viral for her iconic expression.

Today, after eight years, as the meme’s popularity refuses to die out, the little girl is ready to sell it on the NFT Foundation auction site. Auctions start at 5 Ethereum, a form of cryptocurrency that is worth around $ 15,000, reports the BBC. The Utah-based family said after learning of the NFT Marketplace, selling the meme was “a given.”

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“This is a cool opportunity, especially if there is a Chloe fan who likes this meme, he will be able to own it. Even Chloe said ‘that’s pretty cool’, that’s typical of a 10 year old. years, “Chloe’s mother told the media.

The 10-year-old, who is already very followed on Instagram and TikTok, is expected to make big profits from this auction. Her mother told UNILAD that the funds raised will go to Chloe’s education.

The NFT market – niche crypto-assets that are blockchain-based records (technology for storing and transmitting information without a controlling body) of ownership of a digital element such as an image or video – is on the rise and memes are one of the biggest selling items quite quickly.

The property rights market for these unique digital products has exploded recently, after several bizarre items sold for millions of dollars. While the epic 2008 “Disaster Girl” meme – showing a calm girl facing a burning house – sold for $ 500,000 in April, the famous Doge NFT meme sold for $ 4 million in June and its value estimate rose to $ 220 million after it became one of the world’s largest cryptocurrencies.

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