This dream which inaugurates the artist

Winner of the “Dream Artist” show broadcast on 2M at the end of 2022, the young photographer Mourad Fedouach inaugurated his very first exhibition “From Douar Shanty to New York”, on Friday March 10 at the American Arts Center in Casablanca. Mourad Fedouach, only 23 years old and from the douar of Sidi Yahya Gharb, has done a remarkable job capturing the living conditions of his douar, as well as the rites, traditions, children’s games, dreams of a better life, laughter and pains present there. His performance was revealed during the first edition of the TV prime “Dream Artist” in October and November 2022, leaving an imprint on the show. A gripping exhibition of reality and hope. Mourad Fedouach’s exhibition focuses on capturing life scenes of the inhabitants of Douar Shanty. Each of his photographs is a poignant testimony of life, joy, pain, hope and dream, thus offering a deep insight into the living conditions of the inhabitants of his Douar. Each of his shots amazes, provokes reflection and tells stories, such as those dealing with the issue of immigration or the precariousness suffered by the scavengers.

Talent support

Until April 20, the public will be able to discover three formats of photographs during this exhibition. Large, medium and small size snapshots that depict the social environment of the artist. “From Douar Shanty to New York” presented at the American Arts Center in Casablanca, marks Mourad Fedouach’s first public exhibition. The artistic direction of the exhibition is entrusted to Amine Boushaba, journalist, exhibition curator and also member of the jury of the “Dream Artist” show. Thanks to his time on television, the young photographer went from dream to reality and benefited from personalized support and professional training. The success of the “Dream Artist” concept demonstrates a commitment to support Moroccan talent and confirms its mission to promote the influence of art and culture in Morocco. “Dream Artist” is a program designed and executed by a company that received no less than 1,000 applications. More than 244 profiles were selected for casting, after which 12 candidates were selected. All ages were represented as well as the 12 regions of the kingdom.

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