this evil eye that seems to pursue the socialist party

Olivier Faure, the head of the PS, in the party's previous headquarters, rue de Solferino, on March 30, 2018.
Olivier Faure, the head of the PS, in the party's former headquarters, rue de Solferino, on March 30, 2018. Philippe Wojazer / REUTERS

There is obviously everything we know and that has already been told thousands of times: the 2017 election disaster, the image degraded durably, single-digit surveys … But, in its slow reconstruction, the Socialist party seems pursued by something more irrational, something that seems bad luck …

For the third time in three months, the PS decided to renounce the inauguration of its new headquarters in Ivry-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne), scheduled for December 15, due to the crisis of "jackets" Detective stories" ". "It did not seem appropriate to us, says Pierre Jouvet, one of the training spokespersons. We did not want to inaugurate ourselves at a time when the French are waiting for the parties to answer their questions and anxieties. " An elected representative translates in other words: "We were not about to hang up the balloons and celebrate while the whole of France is under tension." According to Mr. Jouvet, the enthronement of the new head of the Republic on the move, Stanislas Guerini, during an event held on 1st December then "That there were barricades in Paris" showed "An image disconnected from politics".

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"The idea itself was a mistake"

No question, therefore, to follow the example of the macronists. In the absence of a welcome party, the PS will be organized on December 15th "Meetings with the citizen" somewhere in Paris – the place is not yet confirmed – at the phosphorus on the roots of the current crisis. On the agenda: round tables with researchers, trade unionists and elected officials, followed by a speech by the first secretary, Olivier Faure.

The inauguration of the Ivry headquarters took place for the first time on 21 September. But the work, still in progress, was right for the celebration, then postponed to November 17, with a new package of communication. The installation in the building had to go hand in hand with a speech delivered a few days earlier by Mr. Faure on the inventory of the previous five years. It was symbolically starting a new chapter, turning the page Holland years. Patatras, the "yellow jackets" also checked the same date of November 17 to express their anger. "The DP supports the French who defend their purchasing power" then he writes the training, which decides to postpone his event to December 15th.

"Basically, the very idea of ​​opening the premises was a mistake, sighs a frame. Announces referrals, suggests that we are frozen when in reality the PS has been in the walls for weeks and it works. " This time, the inauguration of Ivry is officially postponed but indefinitely postponed indefinitely. Olivier Faure's speech on the five year Hollande should however be pronounced at the beginning of 2019. The story finally begins to write a new page. And to ward off the evil eye?

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Enora Ollivier

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