This hamster invests in cryptocurrencies better than humans

Every morning, Mr. Goxx gets up and does his morning exercises while he ponders which of the new cryptocurrencies he is going to work on that day. Once you make this decision, you get off the wheel and decide if it is better to sell or buy running through a tunnel. Mr. Goxx is a hamster.

At some point, a German citizen who is both the owner and anonymous partner of Mr. Goxx decided to embark the rodent in this cryptocurrency, to facilitate decision-making, he pointed 30 well-known cryptocurrencies on the running wheel as a way roulette. Then he installed two tunnels in his cage, one with the inscription “buy” and the other with “sell.” The hamster also has a modern desk and wall clock with three wooden computers, but he has yet to be seen using them for financial purposes.

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Image: Mr. Goxx / Twitter

In the three months that it has been “working” the hamster has managed to increase its investment portfolio by 30%. As of mid-September, the value of that portfolio stood at $ 580. It may seem like little, but a 30% profit is more than what investment entities such as the S&P 500 or Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet’s company, have achieved in the same period of time.

The daily operations of Mr. Goxx are published daily in his accounts of Twitter and Twitch. In the latter, in fact, the rodent can be seen in action. In light of the growing popularity of the Mr. Goxx channel on Twitch, his partner is considering introducing new financial tools in the cage, including one that allows the rodent to choose the amount to invest among several options. If there is a moral to this story, it is probably that anyone can invest in cryptocurrencies. Mind you, to do as well as Mr. Goxx you probably need a running wheel, two tunnels, and lots of pipes.[[Mr. Goxx via Hypebeast]


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