"This is a very dangerous disease": the Elmash skyscraper was quarantined because of measles

Dangerous disease found in the child
Dangerous disease found in the child

The emergency vaccination of residents of the Sovkhoznaya house is carried out on Elmash, 6. The problem is that one of the children has had a very dangerous disease: measles. The announcement of this appeared in the entrances of the ten-story building.

In information Rospotrebnadzor E1.RU confirmed.

"In fact, we have suspicions of measles at this address," the department's press service said. – Anti-epidemic measures are now provided for these situations. Firstly, vaccinations are given to those who are not vaccinated. Because there is a child, it only affects those who live in this house.

At the entrance of the house there were ads like that.
At the entrance of the house there were ads like that.

By telephone, the E1.RU hotline has been communicated that the residents of the house must immediately contact the hospital. You must have a passport, a policy and a vaccination certificate (if you have one).

– After contact, the vaccine must be delivered within 72 hours. This is a very dangerous disease, and therefore the visit should not be delayed. If you do not know if you have the vaccine or not, then it is better to put it, – he explained in the 23rd hospital.

In August of last year, measles was found in a one-year-old boy who lived in Moscow. As a result, the skyscraper was quarantined for three weeks.

But it was an isolated case and in 2016 there were as many as 87 people. In 2017, they found measles in a child who was presumably vaccinated. We, in the editorial board, have also conducted an experiment, showing how the market for false documents in Yekaterinburg works.

Text: Sergey PANIN
Photo: Artyom Ustyuzhanin / E1.RU, reader E1.RU, Yandex.Maps


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