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Daihatsu exhibited the Atrai Wild Ranger at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2023. The concept is a “moving exploration base”. It is a show model that is conscious of hard outdoor use.

Even obstacles are hesitant

Based on the light commercial van “Atrai”, the upper part of the body is green, and the lower part is a two-tone color with a chipping-resistant black coating. Since the front and rear lights are equipped with protectors, it is possible to reduce the risk of damage even when driving into mountain roads with many obstacles.

Smart built-in boat

One of the big features is that the boat is mounted on the roof. It weighs 35 kg, and by devising support stays, it is possible to load and unload it by one person. In addition, the built-in battery can also be used to turn on the front-mounted light. This boat has a wide width, and in the video running with two people on board, it showed quite a sense of stability. It seems to be effective not only for leisure but also for evacuation and rescue in the event of flood damage. Loading a boat on the roof tends to increase the impact of the wind, but it seems that it can be suppressed by fitting it like a high roof, and there are many outdoor enthusiasts who want to commercialize this part alone.

Various improvements have been made to the interior

The interior space is maximized by making it a single seater with only the driver’s seat. The waterproof cover of the seat doubles as a seat back pocket and a life jacket used when boarding a boat. A punching board is stretched on the inside of the side window, and it is convenient for storage using hooks. In addition, a ventilation fan is attached to the left rear, and air can be exchanged without opening the window even outdoors where there are many insects.

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As a fan of a certain robot anime, I have high hopes that the 06 serial number on the green body is a manifestation of my intention to aim for mass production.

Text by Koichiro Seki Photo by Hideyuki Miyakado

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