"This is an off-road vehicle, not your Hummers and Jeeps!" – The network resembled the Soviet Blue Bird ZIL-49061


It is interesting to note that the three-axle amphibious all-terrain vehicle was created for research and evacuation of spacecraft crews that landed from space.

During the Soviet era many cars and other interesting equipment were developed that cannot be remembered today. One of these extraordinary off-road vehicles is ZIL-49061 "Blue Bird", which is able not only to overcome heavy obstacles, but also to swim. On the eve of him remembered on the net.

The car was built on the basis of the off-road vehicle ZIL-4906. Its overall length is 9.2 meters, its width is 2.5 m, the height is 2.9 m, its distance is 59 cm, ZIL-49061 Blue Bird weighs 11.8 tons. The first off-road vehicle was built in 1971 and the car was mass-produced from 1975 to 1991.

A carburated petrol engine with a power of 136-185 hp was placed under the hood, working in tandem with a 10-speed "mechanic". The suspension for a three-axle car is independent, torsion bar. The brakes are disc brakes and the body is made of fiberglass. ZIL-49061 Blue Bird has accelerated along the highway at a speed of 80 km / h, and the maximum speed on board was 9 km / h.

The off-road vehicle was also equipped with radionavigation devices, thanks to which the US Air Force was used in the first half of the 80's. The main task of the truck was to deliver the rescue crew to the so-called "capsules" that were returning from space. It is interesting to note that one of the incentives for the creation of ZIL-49061 "Blue Bird" was an unpleasant incident in 1965.

The cosmonauts Pavel Belyaev and Alexei Leonov descended to Earth in the Permiana Taiga and had to ski for two days on a ground specially felled by foresters, where a helicopter took them. It is worth noting that this was all after a difficult flight, in which Leonov, among other things, was the first in history to be in space.

On the net, contemporaries praised Soviet development and called "Blue Bird" the best ZIL creation. "This is an off-road vehicle, not your Hummers and Jeeps!", "A real amphibian", "Floating on the waves", the Russians admired the off-road vehicle.



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