This is Diederik Jekel |’s handsome girlfriend Entertainment

“Sometimes you have to adjust your route when it gets too busy, but suddenly you come to places that were much more fun,” he writes about their hiking adventure. “That’s where I focus on this year. This also applies to the whole life. You never know what love or nice things you would not have found if life had turned out differently. ”

Also says Diederik to focus on the beautiful things in life, especially in the corona crisis. “That has always brought me a lot of pleasure and comfort,” he concludes.

By the way, it is not the first time that Diederik, who lost many kilos in a short time last year, and Into your hand spotted together. On her own Instagram page, Eline already shared photos of the two together. She writes, among other things: “I love you, from alpha, through beta, all the way to gamma (and back).”

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