News this is how a person with this condition lives

this is how a person with this condition lives

Ánderson Fabián Cruz Cardona is one of the inhabitants of Bogotá who lives in extreme poverty. He lives in the town of San Cristóbal, is 47 years old and, according to him, his situation is getting worse and worse.

“I am inflamed because of what I had a tumor and it is difficult for me to breathe. I live alone, people, sometimes a lot of people, help me ”, he says.

According to the National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE), a person in Colombia is considered to be in a condition of extreme poverty when their monthly income is below 137,350 pesos.

Therefore, Ánderson Fabián is one of the 4,689,000 citizens facing this situation in the country. “I have my little bed, I don’t have water and I have to go out and search whatever it is. The neighbors let me bathe, ”he says.

“People help me, I go to the bakery, in the stores they distinguish me. Right now I went to ask for an aromatic water and I was eating a bread and a bacon. I have no more income, “he says.

For this man, the figures say nothing, since that, according to him, remains on paper. What really resonates in his mind is that neither the District nor the Nation have helped him to get out of his difficult condition in the middle of the pandemic of the coronavirus COVID-19

Other figures

In addition to extreme poverty, there is monetary poverty, which affects
17,470,000 people in Colombia
, 37.7% of the country’s population, according to the most recent DANE report.

Those citizens who earn 327,764 pesos a month or less are considered in this condition, as well as households with four people where income does not exceed 1,310,696 pesos.

On October 14, 2020, Juan Daniel Oviedo, director of DANE, explained that, in those households whose head is someone up to 25 years old, 43% of their members are in a situation of monetary poverty.

Bogotá is the city in Colombia with the most people living in poverty. In this situation there are 2.2 million citizens who live in the capital of the Republic.


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