This is how ageism takes away opportunities from women over 50

Cameron Diaz He turned 50; we also wrote you can read here, as well as the fact that he is returning to filming after an 8-year break. We will not take up his biography again, because this article is not about him (that is, only tangentially); rather, let’s look at how the 50th birthday, which is considered a nerve-wracking point in the case of actresses who were declared sex symbols at the beginning of their careers, was served.

We learned, for example, that Cameron Diaz “refuses to be ashamed of having turned 50”, and what’s more, she “shows that it is possible to grow old with dignity”. Another (Hungarian) press product already highlights in the title that Diaz “started with soft porn” and is now “returning from retirement” to make a film. In addition to the fact that these titles and introductions suggest that the age of 50 should be something to be ashamed of, and that aging (at least for model-shaped actresses) is rarely dignified, but at least it doesn’t hurt if someone shows how it can be done elegantly, especially it’s about the fact that we’re simply embarrassed by the fact that Cameron Diaz is 50 years old. This cannot happen, because we remember her as a young, sexy love interest, an object of desire, and it simply does not fit to see her on screen as a middle-aged woman. (Or anywhere.)

Fifty years old? What?! These pictures say otherwise!

And this was already written about Demi Moore by a British newspaper; by the way, the “former” “sex symbol” was in the press on this special occasion because she was photographed on the beach with a 26-year-old man who was inappropriately younger than her, or, as one newspaper put it, “she was flirting around him”. The same article used the term “serial cougar” for Moore, i.e. difficult to translate serial cougar expression. This is meant for women who, being middle-aged, ensnare young men.

Demi Moore and her young friend in Mexico (Photo: Profimedia)

By now everyone probably understands what we want to say, but we can’t bear not to include Sandra Bullock, who was chosen by a magazine as the “best woman in the world” at the age of 50; of course, this could also be a nice gesture, but the news still spread in the press that he received the famous title “for being 50 years old” and even “despite his age”.

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And the fact that the press melts when a woman turns fifty has not escaped the attention of even those whom even the tabloids were forced to consider because of their qualities and achievements. Cate Blanchett, for example, was voted the best-dressed celebrity over 50 and paparazzi photos of her were published for “bravely” showing up without make-up in “youthful clothes”. (Understand: he ran down the street in his warm clothes.)

The ageism, i.e. negative discrimination based on age poisons all areas of life, but it is most serious in Hollywood: precisely where they could even show a positive example. Of course, we don’t have to explain why, but women are much more affected; those who still feel that this needs an explanation should think about whether the above headlines and quotes from the press could be about men. Has George Clooney or Brad Pitt ever been told that they look good “despite their age”? Have they ever been singled out for dating 30-year-old women at 50 (well, Leo DiCaprio gets flak for his 25-year-old girlfriends, but it’s not because of the age difference, it’s because of the coincidence that he always breaks up with them when they’re 25 – and that’s bullshit funny…)? Magazines regularly publish top lists of the sexiest men; somehow, however, there is never a separate category for the sexiest men over 50.

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Sean Connery

27-year-old Catherine Zeta-Jones and 69-year-old Sean Connery a
Brilliant trap at its parade (Photo: Profimedia)

Fortunately, there are stakeholders who talk openly about what this means in practice. “You don’t often see a 60-year-old woman in a romantic role, but even more so a 60-year-old man; usually with a woman in her thirties by her side,” Jessica Lange, who no longer fights ageism, said recently. He prefers to find work that is “for him” and that “fits his age”: TV roles, plays, independent films. “You’ll do whatever you can because you have to work.” Perhaps the most beautiful example of absurd pairings is Brilliant trap The 1999 film, in which the then 27-year-old Catherine Zeta-Jones teamed up with the then 69-year-old Sean Connery, who, according to his role, was at best “more experienced”, there is no reference to the age difference in the film.

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Perhaps the most serious story belongs to actress Jamie Denbo (Orange is the new black), who wrote on Twitter that he was rejected for a role saying that

At 43, she is too old to play the wife of a 57-year-old actor.

According to the story, the woman is the man’s first wife, and they also have an 18-year-old daughter, so logically an actress around 50 should have been hired for the role, but the male protagonist did not allow this. As Denbo writes, “this motherfucker would have accepted a 38 year old woman AT LEAST”. “Well, good old white men, enjoy the last round, because we’re done with you lizards!”

Jamie Denbo

Jamie Denbó has already been rejected because of his age in Hollywood (Photo: Profimedia)

A similar story was told by Maggie Gyllenhaal, who, even at the age of 37, was not allowed “near” a 55-year-old actor, because they imagined a younger couple next to him. By the way, it wasn’t even her who was upset about it, but the great Helen Mirren, who never held back when it came to sexism in Hollywood. “I’m sure it’s true” he said at a press breakfast. “It’s bloody outrageous, it’s ridiculous, it’s infuriating… we’ve watched James Bond get older and his girlfriends get younger and younger.”

Meanwhile, Jane Fonda outlined the anthropological background behind the phenomenon. “Ageism is alive and well” said the Daily Telegraphto.

It’s okay for men to get older because they become more desirable as their power grows. For us women, the only thing that matters is how we look. The man is a visual type, he wants young women. So our job is to stay young.

However, the situation is slowly improving. In recent years, more and more films have been shown with women in their fifties in the main roles, not only as “experienced” wingmen, but also in romantic situations. Now 57-year-old Sandra Bullock is A lost cityentangled with 42-year-old Channing Tatum and/or 58-year-old Brad Pitt. (We will not shoot with which of them.) So that Pitt’s last film partner was Margaret Qualley, then 25 (!) Once upon a time there was a Hollywoodin. Jennifer Lopez, 52, has two romantic comedies coming out this year, and Julia Roberts is reuniting with George Clooney.

Sandra Bullock is Channing Tatum

It’s Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum
A lost cityin (Photo: Profimedia)

Don’t get me wrong, the trends don’t change because the producers got together and realized that it’s not good this way, it’s time to give space to women over fifty as well. Middle-aged men have ruled since the dawn of the film industry, but now they have noticed that more mature women no longer just run a household, but have their own lives. And this is important from the point of view of the film industry because

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they spend a lot of money, for example on movie tickets.

In addition, women over 50 are the largest social group in the world: since they are healthier and live longer than men, and more and more of them have their own existence, Hollywood simply cannot help but be kind to them. For example, by bringing back their favorites in romantic roles – or by not letting them go in the first place. As usual, there are financial reasons for the positive change.

We could write a lot more about the phenomenon, but it’s unnecessary, because Amy Schumer, whose work is otherwise controversial – let’s keep in mind that it’s of fluctuating quality – said it all with a brilliant video, although Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Patricia Arquette were also needed for this. . The Last Fuckable Day (sorry to our fair-minded readers, but: “the last day of fuckability”) is about how it can even be liberating for the actresses concerned that Hollywood (male) producers let go of their hands and don’t give them any more roles, since they are finally freed from also from the associated expectations. That is, they no longer have to act like they are 25 at the age of 50. Everyone should take five minutes to find out what this means!

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