This is how Amr Diab reacted to Fifi Abdo attending his concert on the North Coast.. Video

The Egyptian actress Fifi Abdo Currently vacationing in North Coast After she overcame the health crisis that she experienced in the recent period, after she was exposed to a medical error, she was forced to bed for a relatively long period of time.

and shared Fifi Abdo attend a party Amr diab which was held yesterday afternoon, in North Coast On the sea, attended by a number of stars, including Aser Yassin AndGhada Adel AndMustafa Fahmy Etc.

And in a nice gesture from Amr diab, hint Fifi Abdo While he was on the stage and she was among the audience, he raised his hand saluting her and said her name into the microphone: “Fifi.”

In turn, she participated Fifi Abdo The video he appeared in Amr diab As he greeted her, a writer commented: “Today is the first day I’ve been out for a long time. I went to a party Amr diab in kiki’s North Coast The atmosphere is very pleasant, a happy Eid to all of us, with your love, five mothers.”

وقدم Amr diab During the concert, a group of his distinguished songs, between the old and the modern, such as the sweetest and the text, and oh me, oh no, and by God, I was not on my mind, oh, amid the audience’s interaction.

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