This is how El Jefe sounds, the new song by Shakira and Fuerza Regida: lyrics and video

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The boss is the new single from Shakira, released in Spain in the early hours of September 20 to 21. The Colombian changes her register in this collaboration with Ruled Force, an American regional Mexican music group. Together they have shaped a corrido with touches of ska and a protesting lyric.

The song It is a criticism of labor exploitation. The artists speak forcefully in their verses about salaries and inequality. “I have a shitty boss that doesn’t pay me well. I arrive walking and he Mercedes-Benz. The son of a bitch has me as a recruit,” indicates the chorus of the composition. In other stanzas you hear phrases like “the bills are piling up, being poor is rubbish” and “you kill yourself from dawn to dusk and you don’t even have a single piece of writing.”

The singer, who appears in the credits of the song, also takes advantage of the occasion to throw new darts at her ex, Gerard Piqué. It includes a reference to the former soccer player’s father: “They say that there is no evil that lasts more than a hundred years, but my ex-father-in-law is still therewho does not step into a grave”.

Furthermore, the interpreter dedicates this work to Melgar to me: “For you this song, which they didn’t pay you compensation“. The star mentions the one who had been her children’s nanny Milan y Sasha in Barcelona. Some rumors suggested that Pique He had fired her without giving her any financial compensation after she discovered signs of infidelity.

Melgar makes a cameo in the video The bossin which Shakira y Ruled Force They appear performing the song in a neighborhood. Other images in the clip show the artist dancing in the street and on horseback. Also featured in the piece is a train full of workers and scenes of people loading boxes in a factory.

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