This is how Feo sounds, Morat’s new song: lyrics and video

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Feo is the title of the new single from I have to, published on Tuesday, September 5 and with which the group begins a new musical stage. The members of the Colombian group return with a direct and catchy pop rock style song.

The theme describes the meeting of a boy and a girl in a bar. “I see you go by and I shout ‘eo, eo’. You so pretty, but I so ugly, hey. Tell me how I get you to notice me. That if I’m crazy it’s because I met you, “indicates his chorus.

The band’s record label, Universal Musicreveals that Feo it was composed in just 15 minutes. In addition, he explains that it represents “the duality of emotions in a relationship and how love can be complicated but beautiful at the same time.”

In the credits of the composition appear John Paul Izaza y Juan Pablo Villamilpart of I have to. His names appear next to those of Andres Torres y Mauricio Rengiforesponsible for many songs of the father and the architects of the successful Slowlyof Luis Fonsi y Daddy Yankee.

isaza confesses that They were inspired by the Beatles for this job. “We love the fact that not every song on the Beatles be superserious Not everything has to be super dramatic, and we wanted Feo It was very simple… It started as a joke, like ‘I’m so ugly you don’t want to listen to me,'” he shares.

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