This is how Germany comments: VW demolition program: "Diesel premiums help in the end, in particular: VW"


"Bonuses are not much more than a consolation"

"Stuttgarter Nachrichten": The market leader has taken his time. After Daimler, BMW and importers like Renault and Hyundai have already presented their premiums for the exchange of old diesel cars, now the VW group has followed the example. For the Wolfsburg group, exchange prizes are a stimulus program that does not cost them much. Because the incentives offered are sometimes lower than the discounts you can get from Internet brokers. Furthermore, the imminent driving ban has led to the collapse in the price of used diesel cars. Even this loss of value is not offset by the premiums. They are not much more than a consolation.

"And the stupid is the driver of the diesel"

"Saxon newspaper"What comes after remorse and complacency after the diesel scandal is a promotional program for the manufacturer. For the diesel driver, this is problematic in two ways. He had bought his car and trusted the builder and wanted to drive it for longer. It is now forced much earlier to make a new purchase to avoid driving ban. In addition, the premium only applies to the list price, which virtually no buyer pays in practice, since the dealers still offer generous discounts. One can not speak of a real prize. VW charges the costs of the diesel scandal to the consumer in the best agreement with the federal government. And the stupid is the diesel driver.

"How car manufacturers want to cope with the crisis is becoming a scandal"

"News of Westphalia"Of course, car manufacturers are not the only ones responsible for the diesel debacle. Lawmakers who willingly opened loopholes for loopholes contributed to this. But now that automakers want to cope with the crisis, the scandal is slowly growing. Instead of unconditionally granting its debt and looking for solutions that can really satisfy the deceived customers, the producers – led by VW – try to organize a gigantic sales promotion program with little effort and to have it co-financed by the state and its tax payers. . Discount of a few thousand euros: it sounds good, but it is little more than the buyer of an expensive car, even now it can beat. So do not hurt the company.

"The diesel premiums therefore help above all: VW"

"Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung": Up to what point the VW demolition will help the environment is controversial. This depends above all on the fact that the group declines that its Euro 6 diesel is really clean. There was a reason to doubt enough. The effects are for VW however elsewhere. From 2021 onwards, the European Union's fleet of vehicles will be subject to a CO2 limit for CO2 emissions that will be emitted by diesel engines to a much lesser extent than petrol engines. If Wolfsburg no longer sells diesel, the limits are not to be created. The diesel prizes help in the end, above all: VW.

"The pragmatism done in Wolfsburg"

"Landeszeitung" (Luneburg): Finally the VW goes to the offensive. Car manufacturers drive a mix of environmental and exchange premiums. Scrape the old stink should be softened, rewarding the transition to vehicles from the group. In other words: the pragmatism done in Wolfsburg. Strictly speaking, this is a clever triple strategy: VW wants to avoid further driving bans on diesel cars, avoid imminent fines and, at the same time, increase its sales. Hardware retrofits are not offered. It would be expensive, but ecologically and economically imperative: because retrofits immediately reduce emissions and increase customer confidence. But the Wolfsburg supply offensive ends here because the sales offensive is given priority. In the end there remains a conclusion: VW has not understood for a long time all the needs of the customer, but understands it, set as a camouflaged economic stimulus of premium model.

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