This is how Mayra Couto is one of her greetings with inclusive language that costs 25 dollars VIDEO: “I don’t know if you’re pretty or pretty” farándula trcm | SHOWS

IT IS RESOURCED. Mayra Couto he moved away from the screens after his successful stint on ‘Al Fondo Hay Sitio’, however, now he is ‘cachuelea’ charging 25 dollars, that is, more than 100 soles, for a greeting through the website. This time, a user decided to reveal what the artist’s greeting implies and here we show you.

“Hi Georgia, how are you, I’m Mayra Couto and I want to send you a super kiss. A huge kiss, lots of good vibes for your exams, they tell me you like inclusive language, I don’t know if you’re pretty or pretty”, are the words of the actress.

In the images, she can be seen smiling and very charismatic when sending her greetings. Even she even sends an inclusive message at the request of the person who requested it.

Mayra Couto and her greeting of 25 dollars


“Hi I am Mayra Couto and I want to tell you that my profile is already active in so that you can ask me for the greetings you want, be it for an anniversary, for a birthday or for a friend, so I’ll wait for you now ”, says the exactriz of “At the bottom there is room.”

Mayra Couto is in Lima, Peru and took advantage of her arrival to share a pleasant moment with her friends and former co-stars Mónica Sánchez and Magdyel Ugaz, with whom she shared a set in the series ‘There’s a place in the background’

Through her Instagram stories, the remembered “Grace Gonzales” shared a series of videos and photos with her former program partners, with whom she maintains a close friendship to date.

In the images mentioned you can see that Mayra Couto arrives at the meeting point with her friends and sees Mónica Sánchez, with whom he shares a glass of water and a drink. Finally, one last clip shows the hug between the actresses with Magdyel Ugaz, who also came to the reunion.


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