This is how mom died as a child who was the author of a shooting in Torreón


Initially, the version emerged that Mrs. Yezmin, the child’s mother, had been slaughtered; Now you know what happened to him. Photo: Cuartoscuro


After initially emerging versions of the way in which the mother of the child died who shot at her teacher and then committed suicide at the Cervantes School, in Torreón Coahuila, now appears the death certificate which details the causes of his death.

According to initial versions made by the secretary of the Government of Durango, Adrian Alanís said (on Tuesday) that the child’s mother “seems to have been beheaded.”

However, this saying has now emerged the death certificate in which other data exists.

Yesterday journalist Javier Garza published the death certificate of the Mrs. Yezmin Nathaly, in that act it is shown that he DON’T DIE KILLED but for a metabolic ketoacidosis and diabetes mellitus.

His death was on June 28, 2014 in Gómez Palacio, Durango. The death certificate is registered precisely in that municipality.

Who would have been killed would be Yezmin’s mother, that is, the grandmother maternal of the small aggressor, in the year of 2010, was announced in Imagen Noticias.

Meanwhile, Sunday will be the audience of the child’s grandfather, the only one arrested so far. Alleged owner of the two weapons the child took to kill the teacher and then kill himself.

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