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The holiday allowance for people with an AOW will be paid on Tuesday, May 23, 2023. How much will you receive this year? Radar list for you.

Less holiday pay for the first time

Important to know: the holiday pay that you receive is accrued in the period May 2022 up to and including April 2023. Did your state pension start in June or later? Then the period of accrual is shorter than twelve months. As a result, you will receive less holiday pay the first time.

That’s how much vacation money you get

How much holiday pay you receive depends on your situation. Those who live alone will receive a maximum of 843.96 euros gross, the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) reports. Those who are married or cohabiting are faced with three different options. Those are the following:

If you do not receive an AOW supplement, you will receive a maximum of 602.84 euros. If you do get it, it will be a maximum of 1,205.68 euros. With an interim reduction of your AOW supplement by 10 percent, you can count on a maximum of 1,145.42 euros.

What are you left with net? In addition to whether or not you have a partner, it also depends on how much income you have. Payroll tax and a contribution for the Health Insurance Act will also be deducted. You can see exactly how much you have left over My SVB.

Holiday plans adjusted to increased costs?

Radar wonders whether people have adjusted their holiday plans to the increased costs of petrol and groceries, among other things. Is that the case with you, or not? Take our poll.

Holiday pay is lower

The holiday pay will be lower in 2023 than in 2022. Why is that? There is a higher tax on part of the minimum wage and holiday pay. The SVB gives two examples of how much you can lose on it:

  • You are married or have one shared householdYou received a full state pension from May 2022 to April 2023. Your holiday allowance in 2023 is grossly 6.26 euros lower than in 2022.
  • You are unmarried and live alone. You received a full state pension from May 2022 to April 2023. Your holiday pay in 2023 is grossly 8.84 euros lower than in 2022.

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