This is how Sofía Castro reacted to Paulina Peña’s commitment and this is what she thinks

A few weeks ago it emerged that the eldest daughter of former President Enrique Peña Nieto, Paulina Peña, I know compromised with her boyfriend Fernando Tena, with whom she has been in a relationship for six years, in that time both have gone through various situations together, such as her passing through Los Pinos when she formed a family with daughters of Angélica Rivera.

For a long time there was speculation and rumors about an alleged rivalry between Sofía Castro and Paulina Peña, but the reality is that there is a great friendship between the two that they even feel like a brotherhood.

That is why when Fernando Tena gave the ring to Paulina Pena and asked her to be his wife, she ran to tell the news to her closest friends and family, one of them was Sofia Castro.

“Paulina called me to tell me, I was doing my nails, then she told me: ‘Don’t say anything.’ I couldn’t scream in the living room because no one could find out… ”, he told Suelta la Sopa, taking advantage of the occasion to reiterate the immense affection he has for her. “I have a photo of me and Pau, which I am very pleased, is my sister …”, he said.

The daughter of Angelica Rivera She confirmed that there has always been a great relationship between them, which has been strengthened over the years and despite the divorce of her parents, so it is not necessary for her to show her affection in a public way for everyone to know about her friendship.

“Not because I don’t upload it (the congratulations) as people want me to upload it, it’s not that there isn’t a relationship. When she marked me, she told me: ‘I wanted to mark you because we always talk about this moment’… ”, she said about the commitment of Paulina. “What woman does not want to marry and what woman does not want her sister to be given a ring, to cry …”, he stressed.

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“It’s true, since my mom started hanging out with Enrique they always wanted to counter us Paulina and me, because we were the greats, because we were women… ”, she added at another moment of the conversation and remarked that this type of dynamics before the press should end.

The truth is that since both young women left Los Pinos they have remained together, since it is common to see between them exchanges of messages and emoticons on social networks that show us the connection and affection they have.


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