This is how the Bogotá Horror Film Festival 2020 will be experienced, a journey through the most terrifying independent films in the world

Bogotá Horror Festival 2020

The 2020 edition of the Bogotá Horror Film Festival It will be carried out virtually and in person, it will offer films from 25 different countries that include 27 international short films, 16 national, 10 international and 3 national feature films. This year, the festival received 500 projects to choose from.

According to Colombia Horror Fest, the festival is “a cultural event that aims to create a space where the best of Latin American and world cinema of horror, suspense and / or science fiction genres can be lived together, shared and disseminated.” Genres such as horror, thriller, gore and suspense are highlighted.

From four in the afternoon of October 27, they can be found on the Festival website where the short of the day will be available according to the schedule. If you want to enjoy the festival in person, the event will be held at the Subkultur Bar, in Bogotá, located at Calle 39 # 26-10 and at Duardo’s Restaurant, located at Calle 8va # 3-54 in Facatativá.

At the Festival 3 national films will be released: “Tales from Las Cruces” by director Robin Dalehite, “Anomalia” by Sergio Vargas Paz and “Pueblo de cenizas” by Jhon Salazar.

The film “Luz” directed by Juan Diego Escobar Alzate will also be broadcast in Autocines de Colombia winner 14 awards of the 36 nominations it had in 28 genre film festivals.

ReRegarding international cinema, films from countries such as Argentina, Singapore, Denmark, Chile, Panama and India will be broadcast.

The nominees will debut in the categories for the best national short film, the best national film and the best international film. Each winner will receive a statuette provided by Audio4, Tanu distribution and 88films.


The days of the event will have different bands, here we explain:

From 4 to 5pm: International short films

From 5 to 6pm: National short films

From 6 to 7pm: International Feature Films

From 8 to 9pm: National Feature Films

In the 5 days, two films will be presented in person and one in a virtual way, the sections will change every hour until 9 at night.

Other activities offered by the festival are streaming workshops that will include makeup sessions, interviews with directors of some films and forums.

To close the 2020 edition of Bogotá Horror Film, the alternative rock band “La Llorona Cienfuegos” will be presented via streaming on October 31.


The 2019 edition was held in the Aula Máxima, the Oval Room of the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University and in the “El Séptimo Parche” cultural center. The event showed 14 national short films, 20 international ones.

The festival concluded with a “Zombie March” and the awards for the best national and international short films.

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