This is how the “crime scene” becomes Weimar: Too much scrap makes crime thrillers dead

Movie This is how the “crime scene” becomes Weimar

Too much junk makes thrillers dead

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Elmar Krekeler

Elmar Krekeler on the new crime scene from Weimar

On Sunday determined the crime scene duo Lessing and Dorn in Weimar. Probably suspicious Commissioner Lessing is itself. Whether worth turning on, reveals WELT editor Elmar Krekeler.

The “Tatort” from Weimar has developed from an event unique to a quality guarantor for smart, funny, cool television. The new case for Christian Ulmen and Nora Tschirner is as exciting as scrap metal. What happened there?

AThis Sunday is in Weimar a corpse. That would be no surprise on Sunday evening on German television. Not even in Weimar, which has developed into a crime-fiction hotspot.

Not surprisingly, she is lying on the Ilm and no one wants to be guilty of her demise. That's the thriller. We have to determine.

No dumpling, no sauce

What is the case is the following: The corpse is called “The Hard Core” and is the ninth case of “crime scene” commissioners Lessing (Christian Ulmen) and Dorn (Nora Tschirner).

Thanks to Murmel Clausen and Andreas Pflüger, the screenplay gods who invented them, they had to do with Thuringian sausage and porcelain and dumpling and soot producers.

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Had roped, thrown ironic confetti and extremely sophisticated gescrewballt through the funniest dialogues.

The core of the title now – to return to the corpse, which it is to complain about this time – is called Eva by first name and is of internal determination. Which, in turn, turns on crime thrillers whenever scriptwriters can not think of their staff and they are about to have their permanent commissioners investigated abroad, which usually means their final end.

After Pflieger's farewell from Weimar in particular, and from screenwriting in general, Murmel Clausen had written the previous case for Dorn and Lessing alone. It was a nice pleasure.

Eva Kern, who is so formal-juristically bogged down, like the internal investigator on television, has lessing on the Kieker. A scrap dealer has been killed with his service pistol. Lessing had pocketed it.

Who wrote that?

An investigation result, which was cashed by the judge, however. It does not take twenty minutes, there is a movie lying dead at its feet – nothing works between Lessing and Dorn, Plot is no trace, the jokes are – well – junky.

Now you could Clausen and tiller to be found guilty. But they are supposed to have revised the dialogues according to the opening credits. Helena Hufnagel, the director, was not, she got the best out of it.

Booked: Nora Tschirner and Christian Ulmen are in jail

Source: © MDR / Wiedemann & Berg / Stephanie Kulbach

Sebastian Kutscher and Deniz Yildizi, who work as scriptwriters, were not. She does not seem to exist. At least not as screenwriters.

So we stop crying at the grave of Lessing and Dorn. And hope for resurrection in the coming year.

The chances are not bad. Murmel Clausen has written the tenth case. Hallelujah.

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