This is how the fuse was pulled for the bombing on Tuesday night – Michel Nasr

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Until now, no regional or international agreement has succeeded in stopping the Lebanese collapse, and if the past hours witnessed a successful attempt to temporarily brake an explosion, it would have overthrown everything had it not been for urgent external interventions, on the impact of the International Monetary Fund’s warnings that Lebanon is in a very dangerous situation, while “ Martha, the organization is busy changing the hands of the clock, contrary to world time, and searching for how to “anesthetize” its helpless employees in front of the ninety thousand exchange, in a surreal scene that is unparalleled, as today’s military strikes yesterday’s military, whose ranks are talking about a qualitative step on Monday. As it became clear that the last cauterization medicine.

While awaiting the arrival of Ambassador Lev to Beirut, Tehran reaffirmed, according to officials who met with the head of the Strategic Council for Iranian Foreign Relations, Kamal Kharrazi, that the Lebanese crisis should not be linked to Iran and that it should not interfere in its affairs, stressing that Hezbollah does not receive orders from Tehran, especially in The file of the presidential elections, being a purely Lebanese affair.

In the midst of all this, researchers continue to search for the hidden polarity that turned the tables on Tuesday night, with Thursday announcing the first day of Ramadan, so the embers of protests subsided under the ashes of anger, which the political forces were once again able to contain, in collusion with foreign forces insisting on not colliding with Lebanon until the moment.

What did they get that turned the scene upside down? Certainly, for some movement groups, what happened on Tuesday in terms of blocking roads and invitations spread on social media was never organized. Rather, it came as individual initiatives, and as a result of anger over what things have reached that crossed all limits, from here movement, movement “from Raso” And “Aa Hasabo”, so everyone quickly retreated with the arrival of the security and military forces, who managed within minutes to return things to normal and open the roads, especially since the number of protesters did not exceed dozens.

A theory that is not rejected by political sources who follow the situation closely, and which acknowledge that people’s anger is great and that an explosion can occur at any moment, realizing that what happened in part was not innocent, but was political messages that flew in more than one direction, which is what It pushed the diplomatic party headquarters to mobilize and open lines of communication in order to remedy the development of matters, after the rapid contacts that were made with some political leaders showed their great concern about the chaos of matters and the street and the inability to control it, even in areas that are said to be seized and controlled. According to the sources, a word of password reached those concerned in Beirut with the need to move quickly to take the initiative to pull the fuse.

On the other hand, circles close to March 8 saw what happened as a “rehearsal” of what things could be like in the event of failure to proceed with the international settlement, placing the matter within the framework of intimidation and attempts to pressure, indulging in this context as a matter of the visit of US Assistant Secretary of State Barbara Liv to Lebanon, and she is the one who previously declared in a public statement that “things in Lebanon will not go well without putting people on the streets.”

Iran’s letters to Washington were sent from the Lebanese mailbox, waiting for a response through the same box during Lev’s visit. Note that Washington welcomed the agreement immediately after its announcement, and a spokesman for the National Security Council at the White House, John Kirby, said that his country “is aware of reports related to the restoration of diplomatic relations between Riyadh and Tehran, and has long encouraged Saudi Arabia and Iran to enter into direct talks, in an attempt to reduce tension.” “. Did the agreement and the “Qubbat al-Bat” do it, and thwarted the movement of the street?

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