This is how the new Aemet radar works to know live the rains in your area

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Weather phenomena are becoming more and more extreme. When it rains, it pours, when it is sunny, all records are broken and there are also more thermal blowouts, sea heats and larger hailstones. To try to anticipate inclement weather, the Aemet We have a live radar at our disposal to know the rainfall in our area.

With this tool you can try to minimize the effects of large storms or deluges like the one left by Storm Alina this Thursday in Madridturning the capital into true chaos.

On the radar of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), you can observe different colors that help us with meteorological surveillance. Thus, “lighter green tones indicate more intense precipitation and reddish-yellow tones may indicate that there is hail,” explains Aemet.

This tool has a very simple operation, similar to the eco-location that bats use. “The radar emits an electromagnetic wave (in the echo it is a sound wave) that interacts with a hydrometeor (rain, hail, snow, etc…) and it returns the electromagnetic wave,” says the Aemet.

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