This is how they tried to assassinate Ximena Navarrete and her husband

This afternoon it was revealed that the ExMiss Universe Ximena Navarrete and her husband, the businessman from Potosí Juan Carlos Valladares, They were victims of a homicide attack in the state of Tamaulipas after the couple attended an event of Nuestra Bella and Miss Universe, as revealed by former participants of the contests to an entertainment journalist last Sunday.

According to the account, local personnel tried to put crushed glass in Ximena’s food during her dinner and, failing, the next day they tried to put the glass back in her breakfast drinks.

Here the narration:

“Ximena once went to an event, in Tampico, Tamaulipas, and in this event she goes with her husband to a beauty event and she asks for a breast stuffed with cheese for dinner. They brought her the breast and they thought it was for her, she gave it to her husband and when the part was broken, they had ground glass, as if they had put them in a blender, inside the filling of this breast that you couldn’t see at first glance.

“They were small crystals that they ground, it was not an accident, it was a very strong attempt to want to kill Ximena. She saw it, was scared and spoke with the organization and what they do is go to the ultimate consequences of how that happened. According to it was a kitchen mistake. The weird thing is that the next day they had put crystals on Ximena in a drink. A story that few know about the Lupita Jones organization ”.

“It had not been made public, Ximena Navarrete and her husband had kept it anonymous also because they literally wanted to murder Ximena with a glass-filled cheese chicken breast.”

“They tell me that they came down to talk to the person in charge of the kitchen and the excuse was that it had been an accident, that they excused him, but here the strange thing is that the person who saw the breast tells us that the glass was ground (…) Crystal was a lot, they ground it, they made it into powder.

“At that moment Juan Carlos Valladares, Ximena Navarrete’s husband, became very upset; He wanted to hit the people in this hotel and with his lawyers he started a process, it is what is known, that he was going to start a process because they wanted to kill him and his wife in a hotel ”.


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