This is how you can edit WhatsApp messages 15 minutes after sending them

This feature is available to testers for the beta version of WhatsApp for Android.

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The instant messaging platform began to develop a function in June of last year that allows users to edit their text messages once they have been sent.

In this way, busca makes it easier for users to correct them, avoiding having to delete them to rewrite them, for example, in case they have made a mistake when writing a word.

Now, WhatsApp has made this function available to testers for beta version of the social network for Android, as WaBetaInfo has been able to verify.

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With this release, some testers can now edit text messages once they’ve been sent in both single-recipient and group chats.

Likewise, this medium has detailed that there are no limits regarding how many times the same message can be edited. However, these changes must be made within a maximum period of fifteen minutes from the moment of sending. After a quarter of an hour has elapsed, the message cannot be edited again.

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This time frame for editing messages is limited to avoid compromising the information and understanding of the conversation, since if the messages can be edited unlimitedly and whenever you want, there could be failures in understanding what was said.

Likewise, when the message has been edited, an ‘edited’ label appears inside the message balloon, to indicate that it is not the original and to clarify to other users if a message has changed.

Also, another feature of this feature is that messages can only be edited on the device from which they were sent and not from other devices where the account is syncronized.

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2023-05-13 21:12:00

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