This is Persib Bandung’s boss’s response to the swearing incident and blocking the player’s bus after reaping the draw

TRIBUN-BALI.COM, – Persib Bandung again reaping unsatisfactory results in the fifth week of the competition BRI Liga 1 2021 after a 0-0 draw against Persikabo 1973, last Monday 27 September 2021.

Back to picking up just one point in the game Persikabo 1973 vs Persib Bandung, now has a long tail.

Because he was annoyed with the unsatisfactory results, a number of booboh had time to express his disappointment by stopping the Persib bus that was going back to Bandung.

Monitored on social media, there are several video uploads showing buses Persib Bandung followed by (allegedly) a number of booboh by using a motorcycle.

Then they shouted at the Persib squad with the words ‘Bad Persib’ and a number of flares were also lit.

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The ambush took place in Cikarang, Bekasi, when the Persib group was about to return to Bandung after a match against Persikabo 1973.

Then in a different video, the Persib bus that was passing on the Pasupati Flyover, Bandung City, was again confronted by Beratoh.

Just like what happened in Cikarang, booboh shouted the Persib bus while riding a motorcycle with the words “Batted Persib” and saw a number of flares being lit.

Regarding this matter, the Director of Persib, Teddy Tjahjono, finally spoke up.

He revealed that when the Persib players’ bus was stopped in Cikarang, there was a lot of swearing that shouldn’t have come out of the fans themselves.

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