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Featuring provocative dramas, documentaries, comedies, featured genres and more, the SXSW Film Festival I know It has become known for the high caliber and diversity of the films presented, and for its intelligent and enthusiastic audience. SXSW provides the revolutionary buzz every filmmaker dreams of for the premiere of their film, short film, episodic project or XR.

Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil
Director: Michael D. Ratner, Productor: Marc Ambrose
Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil is a powerful YouTube Originals documentary event, exploring all the aspects that led to Lovato’s near-fatal overdose in 2018, and her awakenings in the aftermath. (World Premiere) (Opening Night Movie)

Alone Together
Directors: Bradley Bell, Pablo Jones-Soler, Producers: Ross Levine, Emmie Lichtenberg, Brian Ferenchik
Charli XCX, a quarantined pop star, embarks on a dizzying creative and romantic journey as she makes a 40-day album that unites a community around the world. (World Premiere) (Closing Night Movie)

Tom Petty, Somewhere You Feel Free
Director: Mary Wharton, Productor: Peter Afterman
Extracted from a recently discovered archive of a 16mm film showing Tom Petty working on his 1994 album Wildflowers , considered by many as Rolling Stone as his best album, Somewhere You Feel Free it is an intimate vision of a musical icon. (World Premiere) (Centerpiece)

Here Before (UK)
Director / Writer: Stacey Gregg, Producers: Sophie Vickers, Julia Godzinskaya
After new neighbors move in next door, a heartbroken mother begins to question her reality in this haunting psychological thriller. Featured list: Andrea Riseborough, Martin McCann, Jonjo O’Neill, Eileen O’Higgins (World Premiere)

I’m good, thank you for asking)
Directors: Kelley Kali, Angelique Molina, Writers: Kelley Kali, Angelique Molina, Roma Kong, Producers: Roma Kong, Angelique Molina, Kelley Kali, Capella Fahoome, Deon Cole
When a recently widowed mother becomes homeless, she convinces her 8-year-old daughter that they are just camping for fun while working to get them off the streets. Lista de reparto: Kelley Kali, Wesley Moss, Deon Cole, Brooklynn Marie, Steven Ira Scipio, Andrew Galvan, Lamar Usher, Brian Brooks II, Jacolyn Holmes, Xing-Mai Deng (World Premiere)

Islas (Canada)
Director / Writer: Martin Edralin, Producer: Martin Edralin, Priscilla Gálvez
Joshua, a shy Filipino immigrant in his late fifties, has lived in the comfort of his parents’ home his entire life. With his parents now in old age, he pleads with God for a companion, terrified of being alone after his death. Reparto: Rogelio Balagtas, Sheila Lotuaco, Esteban Comilang, Vangie Alcasid, Pablo Quiogue, Isys Szuky, Maximus Szuky (World Premiere)

Our father
Director / Writer: Bradley Grant Smith, Producers: Alex Thompson, Ian Keizer, Steven Callas
In a last desperate attempt to foster a meaningful bond, sisters Beta and Zelda go in search of their mysterious Uncle Jerry. Lista de reparto: Baize Buzan, Allison Torem, Austin Pendleton, Corey Hendrix, Tim Hopper, Ann Whitney, Keith Kupferer, Guy Massey, Lance Baker, D’Wayne Taylor (World Premiere)

Potato Dreams of America
Director / Writer: Wes Hurley, Producers: Mischa Jakupcak, Wes Hurley
A true story about a gay boy who grew up in the collapsing USSR, his brave mail-order mother, and his adventurer escape to Seattle in the 1990s. Cast: Marya Sea Kaminski, Dan Lauria, Tyler Bocock, Lea DeLaria, Sera Barbieri, Hersh Powers, Jonathan Bennett, Sophia Mitri Schloss, Cynthia Lauren Tewes, James Grixoni * (World Premiere)

The End Of Us
Directors / Writers: Henry Loevner, Steven Kanter, Producers: Claudia Restrepo, Henry Loevner, Steven Kanter, Lovell Holder
After a wild breakup, two exes must continue to live together when California issues its stay-at-home order for COVID -19. Now they will try to move on without moving. List of actors: Ben Coleman, Ali Vingiano, Derrick DeBlasis, Gadiel Del Orbe, Kate Peterman, Colin Weatherby, Caroline Kwan, Will Neff, Jesse Benjamin, Claudia Restrepo (World Premiere)

director / screenwriter of Fallout : Megan Park, producers: David Brown, Shaun Sanghhai, Rebecca Miller, Cara Shine, Joannie Burstein, Todd Lundbohm, Giulia Prenna
High school student Vada navigates the emotional consequences she experiences in the wake of a school tragedy. Relationships with your family, friends, and worldview are forever altered. Lista de reparto: Jenna Ortega, Maddie Ziegler, Niles Fitch, Will Ropp, Lumi Pollack, John Ortiz, Julie Bowen, Shailene Woodley (World Premiere)

Women is Losers
Director / Writer / Producer: Lissette Feliciano
In the 1960s, Celina Guerrera (Lorenza Izzo), a once promising Catholic school girl, sets out to overcome the oppression of poverty and invest in a future for her that sets new precedents for the time. Lista de reparto: Lorenza Izzo, Bryan Craig, Chrissie Fit, Simu Liu, Steven Bauer, Liza Weil, Cranston Johnson, Alejandra Miranda, Shalim Ortiz, Lincoln Bonilla (World Premiere)

Presentando, Selma Blair
Director: Rachel Fleit, Producers: Mickey Liddell, Pete Shilaimon, Troy Nankin
Presentando, Selma Blair is a deeply intimate and raw portrait of the actress after she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and she makes a courageous and risky effort to try to slow the progression of her disease. For the acclaimed, though often supporting actress, her starring role has finally arrived – she just has to introduce herself and fully embrace. (World Premiere)

Kid Candidate
Director: Jasmine Stodel, Productores: Jasmine Stodel, Chevis LaBelle, William Dorrien-Smith
Kid Candidate tells the story of Hayden Pedigo, a 24-year-old experimental musician and his unlikely candidacy for Amarillo city hall after his Harmony Korine-inspired parody campaign. the video went viral. (World Premiere)

Lily Topples The World
Director: Jeremy Workman, Productores: Jeremy Workman, Robert J. Lyons
Lily Topples The World follow Lily Hevesh, from 20 years old, the world’s most acclaimed domino knocker and the only woman in her field, in a coming of – a story of art, passion, and unlikely triumph. Produced by Kelly Marie Tran. (World Premiere)

Not Going Quietly
Director: Nicholas Bruckman, Guionistas: Nicholas Bruckman, Amanda Roddy, Productor: Amanda Roddy
When a young father has the opportunity to meet a powerful senator on a plane, their exchange goes viral, sparking one of the most unlikely political movements of a generation. . (World Premiere)

The Oxy Kingpins
Director: Brendan FitzGerald, Productores: Drea Bernardi, Brendan FitzGerald, Nick August-Perna
The Oxy Kingpins covers the untold story of how a network of pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors and retailers worked together to orchestrate and perpetuate the opioid crisis that has killed more than half a million people in America. (World Premiere)

The Return: Life After ISIS (Spain, UK)
Director / Screenwriter: Alba Sotorra Clua, Producers: Alba Sotorra Clua, Vesna Cudic
Shamima Begum (UK) and Hoda Muthana (US) made headlines around the world when they left their countries as teenagers to join ISIS. Now they want to return but their countries do not want them back. (World Premiere)

Subjects of Desire (Canada)
Director / Writer: Jennifer Holness, Producers: Jennifer Holness, Sudz Sutherland Subjects of Desire it’s a movie that invites the reflection and that examines the cultural shift in beauty standards towards the adoption (or appropriation) of aesthetics and black characteristics, deconstructing what we understand about race and the power behind beauty. (World Premiere)

United States vs. Reality Winner
Director: Sonia Kennebeck, Producer: Ines Hofmann Kanna
A State of Secrets and a Ruthless Pursuit of Whistleblowers: This is the 25-year-old Reality Winner story that revealed a document on Russian election interference to the media and became the number one leak target of the Trump administration. (World Premiere)

Dear Mr. Brody
Director: Keith Maitland, Productores: Melissa Robyn Glassman, Megan Gilbride, Keith Maitland, Sarah Wilson
A psychedelic trip to the heart (and bank account) of Michael Brody, Jr., the millionaire hippie who offered world peace for the price of a postage stamp. (Premiere in Texas)

How It Ends
Directors / Writers / Producers: Daryl Wein, Zoe Lister-Jones
On her last day on Earth, a woman sets out on a journey through Los Angeles to get to her last party before the world ends, meeting an eclectic cast of characters along the way. Reparto: Zoe Lister-Jones, Cailee Spaeny, Nick Kroll, Olivia Wilde, Helen Hunt, Lamorne Morris, Fred Armisen, Bradley Whitford, Charlie Day, Whitney Cummings

In the Same Breath
Director: Nanfu Wang, Productores: Nanfu Wang, Jialing Zhang, Julie Goldman, Christopher Clements, Carolyn Hepburn
The deeply personal In The Same Breath de Nanfu Wang recounts the origin and spread of the new coronavirus from the early days of the outbreak in Wuhan to its uproar in the United States. (Premiere in Texas)

Ma Belle, My Beauty
Director / Writer: Marion Hill, Producers: Ben Matheny, Kelsey Scult, Marion Hill
A surprise reunion in the south of France rekindles passions and jealousy between two women who were previously polyamorous lovers. Lista de reparto: Idella Johnson, Hannah Pepper, Lucien Guignard, Sivan Noam Shimon (premiere in Texas)

R # J
Director: Carey Williams, Guionistas: Carey Williams, Rickie Castaneda, Productores: Timur Bekmambetov, Igor Tsay A reinvention
of Romeo and Juliet , with a diverse cast in classic Shakespearean roles. This modern shot is told on mobile and is a combination of Shakespeare’s dialogue with current social media communication. Cast List: Camaron Engels, Francesca Noel, RJ Cyler, Diego Tinoco, Russell Hornsby, Siddiq Saunderson (premiere in Texas)

Violation (Canada)
Directors / Writers / Producers: Madeleine Sims-Fewer, Dusty Mancinelli
A troubled woman on the brink of divorce returns home to her younger sister after years apart. But when her sister and brother-in-law betray her trust, she embarks on a cruel crusade for revenge. Department list: Madeleine Sims-Fewer, Anna Maguire, Jesse LaVercombe, Obi Abili, Jasmin Geljo, Cynthia Ashperger (premiere in Texas)

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