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The feeling of fatigue at this time is often the main reason we feel discouraged during activities during fasting. – When undergoing worship fasting, body we often feel weak and unpowered during the day before breaking the fast.

This could be due to lack of sleep, or could there be something else that makes us feel bad? tired.

We all experience it sometimes fatigue, which can be relieved by sleep and rest.

Launch from in the article ‘10 medical reasons for feeling tired‘, fatigue is a condition when conditions are often burdensome and are not resolved by sleep and rest.

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Emotional stressful situations can also cause fatigue. This type of fatigue usually goes away when the stress decreases.

Many prescription and nonprescription drugs can cause weakness or fatigue. Use of alcohol, caffeine, or illegal drugs can cause fatigue.

The feeling of fatigue at this time is often the main reason we feel discouraged during activities during fasting.

Because feeling tired sometimes has different effects such as feeling weak and weak, and some feel hot sensation all over the body.

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The sensation of heat when fasting is often followed by a feeling of weakness, as well as thoughts that cannot focus.

The heat sensation and accompanying symptoms will undoubtedly disrupt performance.

Actually, what causes the sensation of heat in the body when fasting?

When the body is fasting, the body will not include calorie intake for more than 12 hours.

Calories only come in during sahur, also breaking fast. Well, during the day when daily activities deplete the calorie reserves from eating Suhoor, then the body will break down other energy reserves in the body.

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Namely from fat, muscle, liver and other sources. According to a specialist in internal medicine from RSIA Anugerah Semarang, Panji Aryo Prabowo, this activity of unloading and unloading energy reserves is natural when the body is invited to fast.

“When fasting, the body will experience a metabolic imbalance. This imbalance will make the body do something out of the ordinary, namely unloading the reserve energy so that the body gets instant energy that can be used for activities,” said Panji.

It is this demolition of energy, which gives birth to various unpleasant effects to be felt.

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The body will feel very weak, tired, sometimes even accompanied by a hot sensation. This energy discharge is also a common thing when we exercise too vigorously.

Because the energy supply is depleted, the body will take reserves in fat and muscle savings. The effect is, the body will feel hot, weak, also sore and sore.

Actually there is nothing we can do to avoid the effects of this sensation of heat and fatigue.

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Which means, this is a natural effect of the process body fasting. What we can do is balance calorie intake at dawn with daily activities.

If possible, avoid physical activity too much in order body no need to unpack fat reserves.

Then if you feel very weak, it is better to consider canceling fasting of body finally drop and end up passing out.

According to dr. Panji, so that you don’t run out of calories easily, you should eat lots of nutritious dishes at dawn.

It would be better if balanced with supplements according to their individual needs.

Fasting without sahur, is the most at risk of getting the effects of heat, fatigue and lethargy which disrupt daily routine.




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