This is the Charizard figure that every Pokémon fan wishes they had

Charizard is from the Pokémon most recognized of the franchise and one of the most loved by fans. In video games we can obtain it by evolving to Charmander and later to Charmaleon, but now we could also have it through a fantastic figure like this one that this designer shows us. You can also see Charmander, Charmeleon and Charizard with human appearance will make you fall in love

Art by Rodrigo Silveira.

How can you see, this incredible figure that he has shared with us Rodrigo Silveira on his CGSociety account, has been created through an amazing 3d design and that it has finally become a very cool figurine that could decorate our room with a Charizard which looks super cool. What do you think about this figure of Charizard?

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