This is the difference between an open university and a university in general

TEMPO.CO, Jakartaopen University Recently, it has become a public spotlight after the late father of Nofriyansah Yosua Hutabarat alias Brigadier J attended his son’s graduation ceremony last Tuesday, August 23, 2022.

Brigadier J graduated as a law graduate at the Open University with a GPA of 3.28. He took his education degree for seven years in the midst of his busy life as an aide to Inspector General Ferdy Sambo.

There are still many who do not know about the Open University, both from the learning system to the graduation requirements. Summarized from various sources, the following are the differences between the Open University and universities in general:

1. No Age Restricted, etc.

The difference between the Open University and universities in general is based on the requirements for prospective students who are not limited by age, year of diploma or year of graduation, and also the time of registration. This model refers to the meaning of “open”, which is not limited to these points. The only requirement is that each student must have completed the SMA/SMK equivalent level.

2. Learning System

The learning system used at universities in general is all done face-to-face or offline, except during a pandemic. However, quoting the Open University, it is the opposite, namely implementing a distance learning system through online media. Both include print media (modules) and non-prints (audio/video, computer/internet, radio broadcasts, and television).

3. Tuition Fee

Each university is given the authority to determine the amount of tuition fees charged to students. Launching the official UT website, the amount of tuition fees that must be paid by students varies, depending on the choice of study program and type of package. However, if you pay close attention, the cost of education at the Open University is much cheaper than universities in general.

4. Conditions of Approval

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If universities generally require every student to pass a thesis exam as a graduation requirement, at the Open University this is not the case. At the Open University there is no thesis, but a scientific work. The substance is not as complicated as a thesis. In addition to scientific works, some are only in the form of working on the Final Project (TAP) questions as a graduation requirement.

5. Semester Credit System

As with universities in general, to determine the student’s study load, the Semester Credit System is applied.SKS). Especially at the Open University, 1 credit is equivalent to three modules of printed teaching materials. One module consists of 40-50 pages, so teaching materials weighing 3 credits range from 360-450 pages, depending on the type of course.


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