This is the end of “The world according to the Kiepskis”? Polsat made an unusual decision

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In the fall of 2021 Polsat began airing the 34th season of the cult sitcom. From October 27, the station shows two episodes every Wednesday “The Trembling World” from 20:05. The last two episodes will be available on December 1 at 2:35 am and 3:00 am. Earlier on Polsat will be broadcast one after another comedies – “Sami swoi”, and then “Don’t mess with the hairdresser”.

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“The World According to Kiepski” is ending?

Polsat did not provide an official reason for this decision, but there is no doubt that the finale of the 34th production season is broadcast at the time when fewest people sit in front of TV sets. It is possible that “The World According to Kiepski” already gathers such a small audience that the prime time broadcast, which is 20:00, has ceased to be profitable for the station. According to the data provided by, the first three episodes of the 34th season watched only 746 thousand viewers. Still in the spring of 2019 serial gathered 1.19 million people in front of TV sets. Such a drop in combination with a change in the season “The world according to Kiepski“puts the future of production into question.

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Recently, we said goodbye to two actors from the leading cast of “The World According to the Kiepskis”. In October 2020, Dariusz Gnatowski, who played Arnold Boczek, died, and only three months later the serial Marian Paździoch, i.e. Ryszard Kotys. Although the creators of the sitcom are trying to make the formula more attractive, the series includes, among others, Paździoch’s son, played by Sławomir Szczęśniak, viewers are losing interest in the production.

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“Świat According to Kiepskich” is not only the longest broadcast Polish sitcom, but also the second oldest Polish series in history. The production debuted on the air in 1999, and, according to, the first episodes had an audience of 9 million viewers.

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