This is the fate of 81,680 BRI-PNM-Pegadaian employees, says the BRI boss

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Holding SOE Ultra Micro (UMi) has been officially formed with the transfer of shares (inbreng) series B owned by the government in PT Permodalan Nasional Madani (Persero)/PNM and PT Pegadaian (Persero) to PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk (BBRI).

BRI President Director Sunarso said the holding was considered to be a means of developing talent for employees at the three state-owned companies. Including 81,680 which is a merger of employees of PT Pegadaian and PNM.

Sunarso said that in the corporate action only acquisitions were carried out, so no mergers took place. For this reason, each company will remain in its core business after the process is complete.

Sunarso assessed that employees will have wider career opportunities with PNM and Pegadaian as BRI subsidiaries.

According to Sunarso, employees will be able to optimize their respective competencies in this company.

“For employees, this is an opportunity to optimally develop their careers according to their respective potentials. Of course, competition must be healthy, because competition is needed so that each individual is able to bring out his best potential after that, then collaborated in this ecosystem,” said Sunarso in an interview. with CNBC Indonesia TV, Tuesday (14/9/2021).

Not only for employees, the existence of this holding will also provide benefits to customers, namely the increasing number of ultra-micro businesses that can be served by the financing system provided by this ecosystem.

In addition, more diverse financing products will be available from the three, starting from group lending provided by PNM, fiduciary financing such as those provided by Pegadaian and greater access to financing at the BRI level.

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The impact for shareholders is that BRI’s business is expanding, so the potential for growth is greater for the bank, although it will take a long time.

“With the formation of this ultra micro holding, we fulfill the desire to grow but it grows to a smaller one, then we look for a smaller segment,” he said.

“So that the formation of this ultra-micro holding actually means for shareholders that this is actually a new source of growth that can maintain BRI’s future growth as a group in a sustainable manner,” said Sunarso.

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