This is the fate of the police who slammed students in Tangerang

Sunday, October 17, 2021 – 05:49 WIB

MFA, UIN Banten student who was slammed by police officers in front of the Tangerang Regent’s office. Photo: video screenshot, JAKARTA – Police Headquarters and Banten Police revealed the fate of Brigadier NP who slammed a student named M Faris Amrullah who demonstrated in front of the Tangerang Regent’s office, Wednesday (13/10).

The Head of Public Relations of the Banten Police AKBP Shinto Silitonga said that the NP Brigadier was detained by Propam investigators and was threatened with multiple articles.

“The perpetrator is still under investigation. There are at least two articles imposed,” said AKBP Shinto Silitonga to reporters, Saturday (16/10).

According to Shinto, Brigadier NP’s action against a demonstrator clearly violated the rules for handling demonstrations.

“This is being investigated by the Propam Division of the Banten Police,” he said.

Brigadier NP is subject to sanctions in accordance with Government Regulation (PP) Number 2 of 2003 concerning Discipline Regulations for Members of the Indonesian National Police Article 4 letter A and Article 4 letter B.

M Faris Amrullah, a student who was slammed by Brigadier NP has been allowed to return from Ciputra Hospital, Tangerang.

He has undergone hospitalization and thorough examinations until finally declared healthy.

The NP Brigadier must be held accountable for his actions in slamming students who demonstrated in front of the Tangerang Regency Government office.


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