This is the first photo of PlayStation VR2, after an oversight of a virtual reality developer

The Bit Planet Games studio has shared a photograph of the device that it has deleted shortly after.

We still do not know the release date of PlayStation VR2but it seems that the Sony’s new virtual reality headset is gaining prominence in recent months. There were great news about VR games in the pasado State of Playand more and more developers are undertaking projects for this technology.

One of the studios that is developing games for PS VR2 is Bit Planet Games, which already has experience in projects for virtual reality. However, it seems that they were unaware that we had not yet seen what the device looks like in reality and the first photo of it has escaped them on social networks:

“Guess what will come to PS VR2?” They said in a message that they have subsequently deleted and replaced with another with the official image of Sony. And it is that, although PlayStation has published the design of the helmet for PS5, we had not seen until now what the final product is like, although it is not far from what is presented if we look at the photograph.

What is clear is that it was something that should not be published and that is why they have rectified it, but it is expected that we will soon know more news about PlayStation VR2, since we don’t even know the date nor the price at which it will be launched. What will not be missing will be games, since at the moment there are confirmed minimum 20 launch titles for the new virtual reality device.

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