This is the Forbidden Love Story Between Chimpanzees and Humans


Love it’s indiscriminate. But if it happened between a human and a chimpanzee, it can make seven rounds dizzy.

That’s how Adie Timmermans felt. Reported from TMZ, this woman became one of the loyal visitors of the Antwerp Zoo in Belgium.

Every week Adie would come to the zoo and hang out with Chita. Chita is a chimpanzee male.

Adie continues to visit and play with Chita from behind the glass divider. Over time, Chita and Adie became more and more attached.

This intimate story lasted for 4 years. Chita began to show changes. According to a report from the zoo, Chita began to be unable to socialize with her group.

Chita was even exiled from the herd. This is the usual treatment chimpanzees receive if they get too close to humans.

Before entering the zoo, Chita was a pet. These mammals were then taken care of and handed over to the Antwerp Zoo. This makes it easy for Chita to get close to humans.

To the reassurance of zookeepers, this love story does not involve physical relationships. They just waved and threw kisses from behind the glass.

The zoo management finally decided to forbid Adie to come to the chimpanzee cage. In fact, even if passing, Adie was asked to avoid eye contact with Chita.

The guards hope that chimpanzee Chita can fall in love with her species, and so can Adie. Even so, the officials said that their love story was very moving.

“Of course we love it when our visitors feel so involved with the animals, but animal welfare comes first here,” said Sarah Lafaut, curator at the Antwerp Zoo.

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