Sport This is the opportunity Carey Price and Shea Weber...

This is the opportunity Carey Price and Shea Weber have been waiting for

I’m not getting any younger“,” text “:” I’m not getting any younger “}}” lang = “fr”> I’m not getting any younger , had launched Carey Price in April 2019. The most cunning among you will have noticed that he has aged a year and a half since this declaration and that he has not therefore rejuvenated.

In a few days, the Canadiens star goalie will be 33 years old. Weber, his number one defender? 35 years.

The Montreal organization seemed to have a dilemma before it from the moment Marc Bergevin decided to go into reset mode two years ago and bet everything on the draft. How to reconcile the future of the team which promises to be brighter with its many young people while taking advantage of the excellence of one of the best goalkeepers and one of the most solid defenders of their generation to prevail in the present.

Building this bridge has, at times, seemed impossible. This victory in four games against the Penguins of Pittsburgh at the very least allows us to question the matter.

First, because Price has not seemed so dominant since the start of the 2015-2016 season before his knee injury.

From the start of the series to the conclusion, issue number 31 has never wavered. Evgeni Malkin started it off as a lion with 15 shots in the first two games and a myriad of scoring chances. He ended it as a kitten with the most insipid game of five against five, offenses of spite, a sour complexion and a dejected air, disgusted by the robustness of Ben Chiarot and Shea Weber, discouraged by the excellence of Price. who presented the best stats of his career in a series (1.67 GPA and .947 efficiency).

I saw him at the Olympics and at the World Cup. I’ve seen him at his best many times. At the moment, he is in his bubble. A young team hopes to be able to count on a good goalkeeper. I can say that we have an excellent goalkeeper, argued Claude Julien.

Carey gives us confidence for the future“,” text “:” Carey gives us confidence for the future “}}” lang = “fr”> Carey gives us confidence for the future , added Artturi Lehkonen, scorer of the winning goal.

There is nothing to say. Here is Carey Price in his bubble in the bubble.

Weber is not left out. The captain averaged 25:53, he had four points in as many games, a +5 rating and completely muzzled the Pens attack which scored six goals, including one in an empty net, in four. exits.

The two tenors sounded the rally and the troops came running. At the front was Nick Suzuki.

At 20 – 21 on August 10 – the pivot was the most used forward by the CH coach with 20:33 use. More than Danault? More than Danault. Six seconds, okay, but more anyway.

We were pumped up before the series because no one was giving us a chance. Surely that was a factor, we all took that with a grain of salt. We wanted to make everyone lie.

Carey Price

His offensive flair gave him a heavy blow to the Penguins in Game 1 and Game 3. But it is his work in defense, his intelligence of the game, his ability to anticipate the opponent’s maneuvers and annihilate them even before they occur, that allowed him to take on these responsibilities.

Since the middle of the third game, Suzuki has inserted himself in the center of Tomas Tatar and Brendan Gallagher. Here he is, for a moment at least, the first cross of the team. Far from being a disavowal to Phillip Danault, who also found himself at the heart of an extremely successful trio with Lehkonen and Paul Byron, this is excellent news for the Habs.

Jesperi Kotkaniemi also made a good impression. Improved, more robust skate, he played with confidence and scored two goals. Julien has never stopped praising him, so much the better, because he embodies, at least as much as Suzuki, the reconciliation of the present and the future.

to watch, Weber dropped. Everyone was pointing out before the series how much experience the Penguins had, but it’s like a good thing the guys didn’t realize how big it was. They did really well against two of the best centers in the league. “,” Text “:” It was fun to watch, “Weber said. Everyone was pointing out before the series how much experience the Penguins had, but it’s like a good thing the guys didn’t realize how big it was. They did really well against two of the best crosses in the league. “}}” Lang = “fr”>It was pleasant to watch, Weber dropped. Everyone was pointing out before the series how much experience the Penguins had, but it’s like a good thing the guys didn’t realize how big it was. They did really well against two of the best centers in the league.

Two hockey players collide.

Canadian captain Shea Weber (6) checks Jason Zucker (16) of the Penguins in the first period of Game 4 of the Montreal-Pittsburgh series.

Photo : Getty Images / Andre Ringuette/Freestyle Photo

They have a lot of work to do, but the young people have made great strides. Looks like they got better during the several month break, I don’t know how they did it staying home, but they made great progress and they were helpful to us, added the captain.

In the opinion of many outside observers, the Canadian may be writing the worst possible scenario. That is to say a victory in the qualifying round which deprives him of a chance to pick up Alexis Lafrenière or, in the worst case, in the 9e rank, which could be followed by a defeat in the next clash.

This is not how a team looking to learn how to win sees it.

It’s a great opportunity to grow as a team. We are happy to be able to continue.

Claude Julien

We have been given a second chance, a second life, given our position in the rankings ahead of COVID. We are now in the playoffs. It’s not easy to do, but here we are, it’s a battle, and there’s a lot of work ahead, Weber added.

We almost feel like quoting Robin Williams in The Society of Missing Poets, but we will keep a little embarrassment, moving away from the cliché. However, a cliché becomes so for a reason: there is always a good deal of truth.

The Penguins have just wasted a good chance, perhaps one of the last of this group, too, well aware of the passage of time. So here is an opportunity. And they are rare.

A lot of

The Canadian will know on Saturday night who the Philadelphia Flyers or the Tampa Bay Lightning will face in the next round. Far from easy, in either case.

Claude Julien had a happy hand in reuniting Jonathan Drouin and Joel Armia with Jesperi Kotkaniemi. The young Finnish center has been a new man since the start of these summer series. An improved skating stroke and an unfamiliar fighting spirit have brought another dimension to his game so far. After four games, he gave 18 hits, a record for the Canadiens. The trio maintained a 65% puck possession rate and generated some good scoring chances.

The same analysis could be done for the trio of Danault, Lehkonen and Byron. It’s hard not to believe that Julien has just assembled a little pearl there.

In addition, it was the 6e Carey Price’s shutout in the playoffs tied for second in Canadian history behind Jacques Plante and Ken Dryden (10).


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