This is the reason observers suspect that there was an element of intent in the Pertamina tank fire

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta -Oil and gas observer Fahmi Radhy suspects that the fire occurred in the refinery area Pertamina in Cilacap there is an element of intent.

“My guess is that there is a basis or theoretical basis,” said Fahmi in a virtual discussion Friday, November 19, 2021.

The first principle, he said, fire There have been three consecutive fires at the Pertamina refinery, two in Cilacap and one in Balongan. All the fires were said to have been caused by lightning.

According to him, if it was true that it was caused solely because lightning, then Pertamina’s security system for assets that are so important and also high risk, means very bad. According to him, the security system based on international standards should be in layers.

“Lightning is the trigger. Before a fire occurs, the security system will prevent it, then the first layer and second layer, so that there will be no fire. Unless Pertamina’s security is very bad,” he said.

If you use international standard security, it will zero accident, because security is layered.

He also shared his experience as an anti-oil mafia team. One of the results of the team’s study found that there were systemic efforts by rent-seeking hunters to prevent refineries from being built and disrupting existing refineries.

If the refinery is not built or the existing refinery is disrupted, then there will definitely be imports. “It is in this import that they make rent-seeking land,” he said.

Fahmi also highlighted that in the event of a fire, Pertamina President Director Nicke Widyawati said the supply was safe. According to Fahmi, the supply is safe, but about 31 thousand kilo liters of fire must be filled, where to fill it from imports.

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“Based on that, then I build a hypothesis that this is a deliberate element with the aim of increasing imports,” he said.

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