This is the reason why people born in 1980 and under are protected from monkeypox – Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin said that those born in 1980 and under are protected monkey pox.

This was conveyed by him at the press conference “Health Working Group Meeting G20” in Nusa Dua, Badung, Bali, on Monday (22/8/2022).

“So for friends who were born in 1980 and below like me, the elders are protected. Maybe not 100 percent, but protected,” he said.

Previously, the Government had announced the first case monkey pox in Indonesia on Saturday (20/8/2022).

The case was found in an Indonesian citizen in Jakarta who has a history of traveling abroad.

So, how can people born in 1980 and under be more protected from monkeypox?

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Minister of Health’s explanation

Budi said, the reason why people born 1980 down are protected, because they have antibodies to fight the monkeypox virus.

These antibodies were obtained because they received the chickenpox vaccination which is valid for life.

“So for friends born in 1980 and under like me, the elders are protected. Maybe not 100 percent, but protected,” said Budi, quoted from Kompas.comTuesday (23/8/2022).

He said the vaccination caused the spread of the monkeypox virus in Asia to be very low when compared to Europe.

This is because the vaccination process in Europe was not carried out thoroughly, because at that time chickenpox was rapidly disappearing.

In contrast to Asia and especially Indonesia, the incidence of chickenpox takes a long time so that the vaccination process is carried out thoroughly.

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“Indonesians, because in the past, because of the smallpox pandemic, people like me were vaccinated against smallpox so they still have antibodies. Thus, it is hoped that people born in 1980 should still have antibodies,” he said.

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Low monkeypox mortality rate

The first case of monkeypox in Indonesia caused some people to feel anxious for fear of being infected. So, can monkeypox cause death?

Budi explained that the fatality or death rate of monkeypox cases was still very low compared to Covid-19.

According to him, based on WHO records, of the 35 people who were infected, only 12 people died.

The case of death is also not due to the virus, but due to complications.

Therefore, his party appealed to the public not to panic too much about the monkeypox case in Indonesia.

Moreover, this virus is easier to detect than Covid-19.

He added that the cases found in Indonesia had a low fatality rate.

monkey pox there are two types namely West African and Central African one fatal and one non-fatal. And usually there are many in Europe and the ones in Indonesia are not fatal,” he said.

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Avoid physical contact with exposed people

Budi also appealed to the public to follow health protocols and maintain cleanliness to avoid the virus.

In addition, the public is asked to avoid physical contact with people who have been exposed to the virus.

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It is characterized by pus spots like boils on the skin area of ​​the body.

“If there are people who already have freckles, report them immediately and don’t come into physical contact with people who have freckles. They can clearly be seen on the hands and face,” he said.

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