this is the simple answer to avoid being added to groups you don’t want

WhatsApp is an app where you can get in touch with groups of friends. Here we will tell you how to avoid being added to groups that you do not know.

One of the worst things that can happen to you on WhatsApp is that a number you don’t know adds you to a group. Whether someone has got the wrong number and you end up seeing the planning of a wedding in India (real story) or trying to do a scam, it is better to avoid that happens. That is why we will tell you how you can avoid being added to groups.

Not without your permission

The fact that anyone with WhatsApp can add your number to a group chat is very annoying. It can put your security at risk and that of your family or even your economy, because many times when this is done it is from scammers or undesirable people.

The way in that you can prevent this from happening is very simple, because you only need to do the following:

  • Open WhatsApp, because it is within the app that you must do the whole process.
  • Press the three dots in the upper right and enter Settings.
  • Once inside you must select the option from the top, that is, “Account”
  • On this screen you must enter “Privacy”
  • And now, within “Privacy” you will see an option called “Groups” is where you have to enter.

In “Groups” you will see three options to choose from, this to decide who you want to have permission to add to groups: All, My contacts and finally My Contacts, except acquaintances.

WhatsApp Groups

There you must put the option that best suits what you want. If you want to let anyone add you to groups, then you don’t need to move anything. But if you select “My contacts” only those to whom you have added can add you to group chats.

There you have it It is basically a very simple thing to do that can save you from bad times.


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