this is the starting grid of the new generation of consoles

We already have a good number of games announced that will come to us for Playstation 5 Y the new Xbox. In their respective presentations Sony and Microsoft have downloaded a great artillery of titles and franchises, both exclusive and third-parties, which will be the livelihood of the players throughout the remainder of 2020 and all of 2021. But … how many of them will be on sale on the launch date of the respective machines?

Before starting, make a little precision: many of these games will arrive on both the next-generation consoles and the ones we currently have. We have selected some of the games that will arrive optimized for the new consoles, but it is not confirmed that this will happen with all the games that are scheduled to appear for PS5 and that have already been released on PS4, for example. These lists, except exclusive and first-parties, are open in that sense.

Playstation 5 launch games

PS5 Exclusives

Third-parties de PS5

cyberpunkcyberpunk Cyberpunk 2077

PlayStation Plus Collection

New Xbox launch games

Some games that have been confirmed to be optimized for Series X and Series S

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