This is the Village Head’s Letter to Expel Residents Who Don’t Have Vaccine Certificates

BADUNG – The expulsion of residents from their homes in Gulingan Village, Mengwi, Badung, Bali because they did not have a vaccine certificate caused a stir. This action is based on the Perbekel Letter (village head) numbered 470/1435/Pem regarding Population Confirmation issued on July 15, 2021.

From searches, the letter was addressed to all of the banjars (hamlets) throughout Gulingan Village. In his introduction, the letter was intended to suppress the spread of the Covid-19 virus and collect data on the immigrant population in Gulingan Village.

This letter, then proceeds directly to the subject matter. Namely: One, migrant residents who will be boarding in the Gulingan Village area through the owner of the boarding house immediately report to the local banjar department, no later than 1×24 hours, by attaching their full identity and Covid-19 vaccine certificate.

“Resident residents who already live in Gulingan Village must have participated in the Covid-19 vaccination, by showing a vaccination certificate, if they cannot show a vaccine certificate, they are expelled from Gulingan Village,” said point two of the letter.

In the third point, the Perbekel also asked the Banjar Department to collect data and report the migrant population in their respective areas to the Gulingan Village office.

“That’s how we convey it to the community for their attention and implementation, thank you,” concluded the letter from the Gulingan workshop.

What’s interesting, even though it uses the letterhead of Perbekel Gulingan, is that the letter was not only signed by Perbekel I Ketut Winarya. The letter was also signed by several parties. They are Gulingan Indigenous Village Head Ida Bagus Gangga, and Gulingan Village Babinsa Anak Agun Gede Adnyana, and Gulingan Village Babinkamtibmas I Wayan Ardana.

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Fery Wahyudi Satria Wibawa (FWS), a resident who was evicted from his house because he did not have a Covis-19 vaccination certificate, once stated that the letter from the Gulingan Village Perbekel was not in accordance with the above regulations.

In fact, specifically related to vaccination, this letter is not in accordance with presidential regulations. He himself stated that he was ready to be fined if it was deemed a violation because he did not have a vaccine certificate.

“If I am given a sanction for not following the president’s directions, I am ready. I was given a fine for violating the rules of my president ready. But this regulation does not lead to a presidential decision,” said Fery to the media crew at the Badung Police, Tuesday (27/7/2021).

Meanwhile, Felix, Fery’s attorney from LBH Bali, said that regarding vaccinations, Presidential Regulation Number 14 of 2021 concerning Amendments to Presidential Regulations has been regulated. Number 99 of 2020 concerning the Procurement of Vaccines and the Implementation of Vaccinations in the Context of Combating Covid-19.

In the Presidential Regulation 14 of 2021, Felix continued, it does regulate sanctions for residents who refuse to be vaccinated. Namely in the form of delaying the termination of social assistance social insurance, delaying administrative services and fines.

In a search, the provision referred to in Article 13A Paragraph (4) which reads: “Every person who has been designated as the target recipient of the COVID-19 Vaccine who does not participate in the COVID-19 Vaccination as referred to in paragraph (2) may be subject to administrative sanctions, in the form of: a. postponement or termination of the provision of social security or social assistance; b. postponement or termination of government administration services; and/or c. fine.

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“There is no regional regulation in the provincial government that allows subordinates to expel or expel someone from their place of residence. We know that Indonesia has the highest positive law, Article 28 H Paragraph 1 that everyone has the right to live. cannot show a vaccine certificate,” said Felix.

As previously reported, Fery reported to the Badung Police on suspicion of being evicted from his home on Jalan Melati, Banjar Gulingan Tengah Kaler, Gulingan Village, Mengwi District, Badung, Bali. He was expelled because he did not have a certificate of Covid-19 vaccine. Yet he lives in his own house. He finally reported to the Badung Police regarding this expulsion, Tuesday (27/7).


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