This is what Energía Bacana sounds like, Sebastián Yatra’s new song: lyrics and video

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Sebastian Yatra has a new single, Cool Energy, released in the early hours of September 14 to 15 in Spain. Her video clip exceeds 2 million views on YouTube and has reached the top spot on the platform’s music trends list.

The artist opts for a catchy pop-style song with a reggaeton base. “Bacana” is an adjective that, according to the dictionary of the RAE, is used in youth language in Colombia and other Latin American countries. Means “very good, great, excellent“. It is also used colloquially to say that a person is very attractive.

The musician appears in the credits of this work along with Andres Torres y Mauricio Rengifo. The composition shares an optimistic and romantic message. Yatra He says that he was fine, but he is better after starting a love story that was originally a friendship. “You have an energy that is cool. You add Saturday to my week. You don’t have friends, you have sisters. And Before being your boyfriend I was your friend“, he repeats in the chorus. Although he does not directly mention Aitana Ocañagives clues that suggest that it refers to his romance with the ‘triumphant’, since he points out that they were 28 and 23 years old when they started dating.

The video of Cool Energyproduced and directed by the singer himself, has Georgina Rodriguez as protagonist. The ‘influencer’ appears in settings such as a mansion and a swimming pool in this piece, which is cheerful and in tune with the verses of the single.

The Colombian accompanies her and gives her instructions at certain moments. The clip includes footage of I’m Georginasu ‘reality’ para Netflixand shows his group of friends, known as The darlings. He also makes a small cameo. Cristiano Ronaldowho dances with his wife.

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