This is what Science says about the benefits of the most famous infusions: chamomile, pennyroyal and ginger.

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We have them in supermarkets, pharmacies and even in bars. The medicinal plant infusions They are everywhere, and we usually resort to them when we have heavy digestion, gas or intestinal disorders, but there are even those who resort to them for their supposed healing power of diseases such as diabetes.

If you want to know what the scientific evidence About these plants so consumed in infusion, I invite you to continue reading.

It is the queen of digestive infusionsIn fact, it is the most consumed herbal tea in Spain and its use as a medicinal plant dates back to Ancient Greece.

What does science say?

The scientific literature on the benefits of chamomile is abundant, and although many of these studies are not conclusive, they do suggest beneficial effects at the intestinal level. Specifically for the relaxing effects of this plant on the digestive system and how stomach acidity reducer.

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