This is what the new redesigned Paint looks like, now with an interface similar to Windows 11 and more accessible functions

The arrival of Windows 11 has been a catalyst for a good number of Microsoft’s own applications and tools that have seen aesthetic changes of greater or lesser significance arrive. We have seen it with him video player or with the Your Phone app and now it’s Paint that gets a facelift.

Microsoft’s popular drawing and imaging tool launches a new interface in Windows 11. A design that better integrates it into the general aesthetics of the new operating system and that at the same time facilitates its use by having new and better located buttons.

I was not dead, I was resting

Paint 2

Along with the redesign of utilities such as Cropping tool, Watch, Mail and calendar or those mentioned above, now it is Paint that goes through the workshop to improve its appearance and, incidentally, gain in functionalities.

Microsoft failed to make users forget Paint with Paint 3Das part of the Windows Mixed Reality push and plan to create and display 3D content for the desktop. Because, have continued working in Paint with different improvements.

And what comes now is a change in design. Paint now has an aesthetic reminiscent of that of the new word, with a redesigned top bar with access to basic actions like Undo and Redo. Also now in Paint we see how all the menus and the application in general have rounded corners.

Paint 1Paint 1

On top we find access to the classic options “File”, “Start” and “View”. It will be the first option, “File”, which allows you to create new images, modify existing images or even print content. In addition, other actions such as “Edit Color”, “Resize and Tilt” and other dialogs are allowed. In addition, along with these improvements some bugs have been corrected:

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  • Fixed an issue where text boxes would move unexpectedly when writing to images using IME>

  • Fixed an issue where dialogs did not respect the regional language in countries like the Netherlands.

  • A new feature has been enabled that allows you to Shift-click on a color swatch to use that color as a secondary color.

  • Screen reader support has been improved.

The redesigned Paint integrates WinUI components with the upgrade to Windows 11 and is available on the Dev Channel of the Insider Program for Windows 11. It is expected to reach other users outside of the Windows Insider Program in early 2022.

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