This is what What Was I Made For?, Billie Eilish’s new song for Barbie sounds: lyrics in Spanish and video

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Billie Eilish launched on Thursday, July 13 What Was I Made For? His new single is part of the original soundtrack of the film Barbie, which will hit theaters in Spain on July 21. Her video clip exceeds 4 million views and appears on the music trending list of YouTube.

The artist presents a melancholic and sad ballad that she has written with her brother Testimony, his usual collaborator. The lyrics of the composition reveal how the famous doll asks herself some questions about her own existence and also about her boyfriend’s. Ken. “She seemed so alive, turns out I’m not real, just something you paid for.What was I created for??”, say their verses.

The video of What Was I Made For? shows to Billie Eilish dressed in yellow and with a retro style in a single setting. The interpreter opens a small briefcase with the logo of Barbie on a table, where she shows dresses and doll outfits. These are replicas of some of the singer’s best-known outfits. The wind and the rain put her in a bind in this clip, which has been directed by herself.

The American counted on Instagram what Greta Gerwigdirector of Barbieshowed her and her brother some scenes from the unfinished feature last January: “We had no idea what to expect… We were so deeply moved that the next day we were composing and couldn’t stop talking about it. And we ended up writing almost the entire song that night.”

Eilish admitted in Instagram: “To be honest with you, this all happened at a time when I really needed it. I’m so grateful for that.” In addition, she confessed that the video clip that she prepared of her makes her cry: “It means a lot to me and I hope it means a lot to you. I don’t have much else to say other than that, I think it will speak for itself.”

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