This is ZyCoV-D, the vaccine against the coronavirus without needles

Se has approved a new coronavirus vaccine: ZyCoV-D. The novelty of this is that no injection required so its appearance is good news for those who are afraid of needles. ZyCoV-D is the first compound based on ADN against Covid disease.

The vaccine has been developed by the farmacutica india Cadila HealthCare and has already received authorization for use in the country. In addition, according to a study carried out by the pharmacutics, 66% of those vaccinated avoided symptomatic disease. The third phase of the study was carried out during the second wave, so it follows that the vaccine is effective against Delta variant.

How does a DNA vaccine work?

The big difference with the rest of vaccines, in addition to not being necessary the injection, is that it is a DNA vaccine, which means that it uses small rings of DNA that carry genetic information to cells to produce the spike protein that the coronavirus uses to enter human cells.


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