This Jam Can Prevent Cancer and Gastritis! Here’s That Miraculous Jam That’s A Panacea

A balanced diet is essential to reduce the major health risks following an active lifestyle. Cardiovascular diseases and cancers are the main causes of death in the population due to important risk factors. Some of these factors, such as age, gender, and familiarity, do not change, while others do not.

Eliminating or controlling them can sometimes save our lives. For example, consider a wrong diet that leads to increases in cholesterol, blood sugar, and triglycerides. In such cases, it may be necessary to break this wrong habit and put healthy food in the shopping cart, along with continued physical activity. However, a poor diet can also lead to ailments such as gastritis.

With the right diet and lifestyle, you can fight high cholesterol and blood sugar and protect the heart.


With the right diet and lifestyle, you can fight high cholesterol and blood sugar and protect the heart.

The World Health Organization has stated that most deaths from cardiovascular diseases can be prevented by lifestyle changes. The worst habits that can increase health risks are smoking, sedentary life, stress and wrong eating habits. It is therefore essential to reduce saturated fats and replace them with plant-based foods and complex carbohydrates, as well as reduce salt and alcohol intake.

In addition to increasing the consumption of fruits, vegetables, fish and grains. Also, another key point is to associate physical activity that can help increase good cholesterol, reduce triglycerides, and help with weight loss. A simple walk may even be more than enough to run, according to a study to reduce the risk of hypertension, cholesterol, and diabetes.

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raspberry jam

Thanks to the products offered by nature, we can protect our health from countless risks every day. Also, by following the seasonality of food, we can provide the body with everything it needs. Among the summer fruits, raspberry belonging to the Rosaceae family is inevitable. These actually contain anthocyanin molecules that are valuable for heart health and are preserved even at sub-zero temperatures. Therefore, they can be safely frozen without losing their properties. They are rich in water and have a good fiber and vitamin C content.

If you want to consume plenty of these fruits, you can prepare a delicious jam as well as ice cream. Thanks to cooking, the phenols in raspberries are doubled. Specifically, ellagic acid, which has been shown to slow the growth of cancer cells, according to an authoritative source. In other words, their formation will prevent the formation of blood vessels necessary for the nutrition of cancer cells. Finally, it seems that ellagitannins can relieve gastritis. This jam can prevent tumor and end heartburn caused by gastritis, become the basis of our breakfast.

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