This Japanese method promises that you will lose weight with three minutes of exercise

21 jul 2020
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After the success of Sakuma method that promised us results with just five minutes of exercise a day, the fact that Marie Kondo devastated our way of placing our wardrobes, and that in Japan it seems that even breathing becomes thinnow comes a new fitness method of postural hygiene from the land of the Rising Sun capable of making us gain in health … and of changing the shape of our body. This time its author is a woman, Yoko Mizuguchi, who in her book A perfect body in 3 minutes (Ed. Kitsune) promises results in just three minutes! The secret of its success is in correcting the posture of the body so that its movements are more fluid. Works?

What is the 3 minute Japanese perfect body method?

In correcting our posture so that the body recovers its natural flexibility. According to the author, if you are able to unlock the hip and pelvic joints and readjust the body, this already constitutes a great change for the body that will move more fluidly.. And best of all, unlocking these joints leads to a loss of volume, especially in the lower body: glutes and legs.

The The most important joints that must be unlocked to achieve our goal and gain flexibility are the pelvis, hips, shoulders, shoulder blades, and ankles. But if you are only going to exercise two, let them be the pelvis and the hips: the movement of the rest of the body depends on them. When all of these joints are unlocked, movements flow and muscles are not overloaded.

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What exercises must be done to unlock the joints?

1. Walk with your buttocks

The first of the exercises is aimed at the hips and is as simple as “walking” with the buttocks for 30 seconds. Sitting cross-legged and supporting the weight on the hamstrings, move your hip to the left and right as if you were taking steps with your buttocks, then bring your pelvis back and forth. Thanks to this exercise, the inclination of the pelvis is corrected and it helps to combat swelling in the legs.

2. Rotate the shoulders

Stand on the floor on all fours with your hands just below your shoulders. Rotate the right arm outward so that the fingers face the knee (but without forcing yourself too much). then bring the hip back and down to stretch the inside of the arm. Hold the pose for 15 seconds. Get back to the starting position and do the same movement with the other arm.

3. Stretch your ankles

Standing, support the tip of the foot on the ground, so that the heel is pointing upwards. To keep balance, place your hands on a wall. Next, bend your left knee a little and stretch your right foot back. Hold this painful pose for 5 seconds. after, recover the starting position and repeat the movement three times before changing feet.


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