This man could follow Tim Cook as Apple boss

Jeff Williams

The Southerner has been working for Apple for 21 years.

(Photo: Getty Images, Per-Anders Pettersson)

Dusseldorf Jeff Williams will not play the lead role yet, though Apple on Tuesday morning to the “Steve Jobs Theater” in Cupertino invites – probably to introduce new iPhones, Watches and other updates. But on the products, the CEO Tim Cook will present, the operational board has an increasingly direct share.

Williams joined Apple 21 years ago, shortly after founder Steve Jobs returned from exile. As head of purchasing, Williams developed Apple's complex supply chains to Asia and built on the rise of the troubled Mac group into the dominant smartphone company of our time. Williams was always the possibility in the background, which had to implement the seemingly absurd desires of Jobs.

For example, when Jobs called the day after the legendary presentation of the first iPhone in 2007 and complained about the scratched plastic cover on the display, as Williams told years later. “We need glass,” Jobs said. Williams managed to shorten the development of the touchscreen-capable “gorilla glass” from several years to a few months with a supplier.

The mechanical engineer has little to do with the temperament of Steve Jobs, but much with his current Chef Cook. Both are native South Americans, both of whom studied business administration at Duke University in Williams' hometown of North Carolina and are considered outstanding managers without exuberant charisma. A magazine called Williams therefore years ago “Tim Cook's Tim Cook”.

Williams came to the stage in June when Jony Ive, chief designer since the Jobs era, announced his departure. Apple's design team will now report to Williams, although so far was not considered a “product guy”. Quickly, the company rushed to sprinkle that Williams was already involved in the last development of the Apple Watch. He will have to prove that Apple has not lost its product magic with Ive. If he succeeds, he could succeed Cook on the chief post.

More: Experts and fans expect the presentation of new iPhone models with the name iPhone 11. Apple has probably worked on the cameras.

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